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Watch me transfer N10m to your hacked account, 17-year-old hacker dares EFCC boss

The Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ola Olukoyede, has narrated an incident where a 17-year-old suspect successfully hacked into his personal computer and bank account while being interrogated at his office in Lagos.

The teenage suspect went on to tell him that after gaining unauthorised access to Olukoyede’s bank account, he could transfer N10m instantly into it. The EFCC boss declined.

The suspect was demonstrating his unethical hacking skills, Olukoyede stated.

The anti-graft agency chairman made this known in a chat with editors at the EFCC Headquarters, Jabi, Abuja, recently.

Olukoyede said he had invited the 17-year-old boy for questioning at his own office, only to witness the young hacker effortlessly bypass the security measures of his locked computer right before him.

“I brought into my Lagos office a 17-year-old boy who is studying History and Anthropology. He is in 200 Level. He is not doing anything science-related. The guy sat in my office in Lagos and demonstrated some things to me on my laptop.

“He asked for my number, I gave him my number and, through my number, he got my BVN. He then mentioned the name of my account number to me at the bank. I didn’t tell him anything.”

According to him, the country must take all necessary measures to discourage these young individuals, as their actions could lead to imprisonment or worse fatal consequences.

“The problem is, I see crime in that, and I also see opportunities in it. So, if you leave these guys, we don’t make them know that what they are doing is wrong, if you leave them, they will continue to see it as a way of life to make money.”

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He mentioned that due to their young ages, the EFCC would administer light sentences to punish youths for the cybercrimes they commit, while also focusing on helping them change their orientation.

“We plead for light sentences so that we can reorientate them and that’s part of what we’re doing. What joy will I derive from sending a 17-year-old boy to jail? You would have destroyed his future. You would have destroyed his career.

“Sometimes, they’re given options of fines and all of that conviction; so, we bring them in, lecture them and talk to them.”

In a bold demonstration of his skills, the boy confidently informed Olukoyede that he could transfer up to 10 million naira from any account in a single transaction.

He said the 17-year-old boy, when he was done, said, “Look, oga, I can make 10 million now. I will demonstrate it to you. I will move money from your account to mine.

“I said no, don’t do that in my office and he was ready to do that. When he opened my laptop, I didn’t give him the key to my laptop and he had access.

When questioned about his involvement in cybercrime, the boy explained that his parents, who are both farmers, were unable to work on their farm due to security concerns.

“He has two younger ones. One is in JSS2 and the other is in SSS2. He is the one feeding his parents and responsible for the payment of tuition for his younger ones.

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“I saw a Bill Gates in that guy.”

Olukoyede, however, assured the boy that he would take responsibility for his schooling if he stops the criminal act.

“I told my family, we are going to do that. I spoke to one of my friends who is also ready to help take up the schooling of the SSS 2 guy. So, I’m still looking for someone who will take up the one for the JSS 2 sibling.”

“So, it is even in the interest of the youth that the EFCC is doing what it is doing to prevent them from indulging in the heinous act of cybercrime.”

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