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I discovered kayan mata while treating vaginal yeast infection -Aphrodisiac vendor Atana

A vendor of aphrodisiacs popularly known as kayan mata has revealed how she stumbled upon the knowledge of the near-mystical product.

Kayan mata explained
According to a submission made by Sani Ibrahim of the Department of Nursing at Saint Monica University to the European commercial social networking site for scientists and researchers, ResearchGate, “Kayan mata, which literally means a woman’s property in Hausa language, refers to a group of herbs or potion that are said to increase or enhance sexual potency.”

Ibrahim explains that the product is a combination of herbs, fruits and spices. “These herbs claim to heighten the sexual feelings of one’s partner. The kayan mata herbs originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and have actually been used as love enhancers for over a long period of time.”

ResearchGate however stated that it has not been able to resolve any citations for the claims.

According to the claims, these substances can be found in various forms, including foods, herbs, spices, and even certain perfumes.

Aphrodisiacs have a rich history in different cultures worldwide. In Nigeria for instance, the Hausa culture is alleged to favour use of aphrodisiacs. And the so-called traditional remedies are believed to promote intimacy, increase libido, and improve sexual satisfaction.

Kayan mata has traditionally been used by women to enhance their sexual experiences and improve their relationships. It is believed to stimulate arousal, increase vaginal lubrication, and provide a heightened sense of pleasure during sexual activities.

Though, scientific studies on its effectiveness are limited or even nonexistent, oral testimonies abound on the alleged efficacy of these supposed natural substances, which have continued to record commercial success across the country.

From yeast infection to retailership

Common symptoms of yeast infection. Image credit: Dr Alexa

As kayan mata continues to gain popularity among women across the country, it has been suspected that its vendors are laughing all the way to the bank. And, if Instagram posts by popular sellers are anything to go by, there seems to be big business around the scientifically unproven product.

One of such merchants is a graduate of International Relations from Institut Superieur De Communication et de Gestion (ISCG), Benin Republic, Fatima Umar Atana, who says she is making prosperity from sale of herbal remedies and healthy aphrodisiacs. She narrates how she became a kayan mata vendor.

Her story

Alleged spices for kayan mata

Though I have been into several businesses like catering services, make-up and styling, as well as buying and selling of goods, I started this particular businessin in my second year at the university.

Then, I had vaginal yeast infection, and I tried all I could to get it cured, unsuccessfully. I suffered a lot because I had no idea of the infection until that time. I kept treating it at the hospital, but instead of getting cured, it kept coming back.

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One day, I told my aunt about it and she told me to try a herbal medicine, which, luckily, worked perfectly for me. So, I decided to look into it deeply and see the causes and how to prevent it. I started researching on Google, read books, and attended gynaecology classes, among others.

Factors that increase risk of yeast infection. Image credit: Cleveland Clinic

Later on, I started educating women on infection little by little and boom, I found myself in the business of selling “infection flusher” and educating women on it. When my patients started requesting for kayan mata, I decided to go and learn it and start selling.

On kayan mata trail from Chad to Sokoto, Maidugri
I learnt about kayan mata well from different perspectives like Chad to Sokoto and Maidugri, among others; and I keep learning because I do not only sell, I also enlighten people about it and making very sure it is used in healthy manner.

What is kayan mata to you as a merchant?
Kayan mata are substances prepared to increase libido, sexual pleasure, sexual attraction and behaviour. It generally makes intimacy more interesting.

What are these substances made from?
Kayan mata is made from natural fruits, plants, spices, oils, oilseeds, herbs and food, among others.

How healthy are they?
Kayan mata is 100 percent healthy when it’s made hygienically and made by a professional. This is because all the ingredients are natural and friendly to human systems except if the user is allergic to any of the ingredients.

What does kayan mata do to users and why do you think some women use it?
It brings ultimate pleasure to a woman’s sex life. In Hausa land, women, those who are about to get married or those who are newly married use it because it’s part of the tradition in order to enjoy intimacy with their husbands.

How potent is kayan mata?
Kayan mata is 100 percent effective. It works within minutes after the intake, and that is why it’s always advised to take it when your husband is around because it is effective and it mainly increases sexual desire between couples.

What could make a woman not to enjoy sexual intercourse naturally?
Many reasons could hinder a woman from enjoying sex. Some of them are vaginal yeast infection, stress, hormonal imbalance, which causes low sex drive, etc. I always advise women to take “infection flushers,” ensure they are okay and also make sure their immune systems are safe and healthy to respond to sexual intercourse.

How can sex be made enjoyable?
Sex is not necessarily to be enjoyed by use of kayan mata. When the body system is naturally healthy, you will definitely enjoy sex; but mind you, for ultimate pleasure, use healthy kayan mata.

What are the different types of kayan mata?
We have many of them. Some are zumar mata, gumba, tsumi, tabaje, maida tsohuwa yarinya, etc.

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How long have you been in the business?
Five years

Which is the most effective and which is mostly patronised by customers?
They are all effective, and people buy almost all our products because they are mostly packaged as kit. People also make demands based on their choice and what they want to achieve.

Can you explain how these products are used?
They are taken based on prescriptions after they are hygienically prepared.

Natural aphrodisiac foods and fruits

Unique aphrodisiac foods
Natural libido enhancers

A book titled ‘Aphrodisiac Recipe for Women‘ listed some powerful aphrodisiac foods and fruits that lubricate the vagina and boost general health to include: red wine, cranberries, soy, garlic, ginger, kiwi, sweet potatoes, apples, avocado, dark leafy greens, strawberry, orange, celery, banana, asparagus, oysters, vanilla, salmon, coffee, water melon, honey, ginseng, onion juice, tiger nuts, spirulina, tofu, beets, basil, parsley, bronchiolitis, pumpkin seed, coconut water and arugula, among others.

Safety consideration
While the use of kayan mata has continued to gain ground among women, it is crucial for individuals to exercise caution when using any aphrodisiac, especially when it has not been prescribed by a competent medical personnel, as some ingredients may have potential side effects or interact with certain medications.

It is therefore advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using such products, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

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