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Maid accused of attempting to dilute family palm oil with menstrual blood

A young maid (name withheld) who claims to hail from Umuosonyeike in Abia State has been accused of attempting to pour menstrual blood mixed with liquid suspected to be urine into her boss’ keg of palm oil.

In a trending online video, an eyewitness narrated that the maid was instructed to pour palm oil from a bigger keg into a smaller one for easy use.

Instead of simply doing what she was instructed to do, the young girl who is suspected of having her menstrual flow, allegedly urinated into a cup and also went ahead to squeeze her blood-soaked sanitary pad into it; intending to pour it into the smaller keg of palm oil before she was caught.

Though she did not confess her intention in the trending video, she held a crimson colored sanitary pad, along with a cup of red liquid alleged to be menstrual blood mixed in urine that she had allegedly intended to mix with the palm oil.

Some social media users have reacted to this video, emphasizing the danger of employing a maid; while others narrated their different bitter experiences with the maids they employed at one point in time or the other.

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