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Man breaks into pieces after plunging 750ft down high-rise building

A man in New York City jumped off a high-rise building and died after splitting his body in two upon landing on the pavement, according to police.

Police and witnesses stated the man fell 750 feet from the top of the Deutsche Bank Center and through the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s marquee on Thursday night.

The victim, who wore pajamas when he jumped, landed on the sidewalk in the area known as Billionaire’s Row in Columbus Circle, with his body split in two due to hitting the marquee.

Glass and debris surrounded the sidewalk, and body parts were found across the street. An unidentified building employee stated, “The marquee cut him in half,” according to Daily Mail.

The building worker also said the man lived in the building, but police haven’t confirmed that as of press time. Sources claim the man may have used the service elevator to get to the top of the building.

Apartments in the building have gone between $5 million and $19 million and some of its most famous past residents include Jay-Z, Tom Brady, Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts, and more.

In May, a 31-year-old senior software engineer at Google jumped to his death from the company’s New York City headquarters. According to authorities, the man jumped from the 14th floor of the building at around 11:30 p.m.

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