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Nigerian-born jailbird Oluwaseyi Dada gets sundry terms for drug dealing, murder in Britain

A brutish thug who killed his teenage girlfriend after months of controlling abuse is back behind bars for stabbing a second woman in the face.

According to Yahoo! News, Oluwaseyi Dada, 26, was jailed in 2019 over the death of 17-year-old Katrina Makunova, when he shoved her over and she fell on to a knife in her handbag.

Dada had subjected the teenager to violence and threats during their two-year romance, leaving her so scared of him that she had taken out a knife for her own protection.

He admitted manslaughter and was sentenced to just two years and three months in prison over the death.

Dada, a convicted drug dealer nicknamed ‘Capone’, was back in the dock at Isleworth crown court this week to be sentenced for a horrifying attack on another woman.

Lisa Cubillos struck up a friendship with Dada after his release from prison. But by October last year, there had been a series of run-ins with police over suspected violent abuse, threats, and stalking.

On October 20, Dada was caught on camera rushing towards Ms Cubillos and a friend, Abdul Tannin, as they waited for an Uber in Hounslow.

She was left with blood pouring from a nasty wound just above her eye and believed she had been stabbed with a knife, but Dada later said he used a set of moped keys to inflict the wound.

A month later, while still on bail, Dada scratched the word “snitch” into Ms Cubillos car, the court heard.

On Thursday, Recorder Nathaniel Rudolf KC sentenced Dada to two years and three months in prison, and ruled that Ms Cubillos had not come forward as a witness against him “because she is scared.”

He rejected Dada’s explanation that the attack was a “scare tactic which went wrong”, concluding it was “deliberate” and has “plainly had a substantial impact on the victim”.

Dada killed Ms Makunova during a confrontation outside his home in Camberwell, when he angrily shoved her to the ground and she landed on her Versace handbag containing the knife.

Met Police officers faced heavy criticism when it emerged they had been called out six times in five months to reports of Dada being violent to Miss Makunova and threatening her family.

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Two weeks before her death on July 12 last year, Dada was accused of pushing the trained beautician into the road outside a police station in an argument over the t-shirt she was wearing.

But despite the litany of domestic abuse claims, Dada did not face any criminal charges until after Ms Makunova’s death.

Dada met Ms Makunova through Instagram after his release from a 30-month prison sentence for county lines drug dealing.

A coroner later found Ms Makunova had suffered a “pattern of abuse and coercion and controlling behaviour”, and police officers had failed to tackle the risks she faced.

She had put the knife in her handbag when heading for a confrontation with Dada, apparently fearing for her own safety.

In the latest case, prosecutor David Patience said Dada faced criminal charges despite Ms Cubillos refusing to give a formal statement or cooperate with the investigation.

When she was first spoken to by police, shortly after being attacked, she said she had known Dada for around a year and a half and they fell out when she rejected his romantic advances.

“We had an argument about seven months ago over a taxi and then he tried to punch me”, she said.

“After that I stopped talking to him but he has been constantly trying to contact me and threaten me for the last six months.”

The court heard that prior to the stabbing police officers found Ms Cubillos with a bruised eye after they were called to reports of a row, in March 2022.

On June 23 last year, both Ms Cubillos and Dada were arrested after a fight in the street, and four days later police received reports of Dada chasing her on his motorbike and making threats to her and her family.

Mr Patience told the court she was spoken to by officers and “alluded to being threatened”. But she refused to give a statement and was instead given safeguarding information by police.

After the attack, police also recovered a message from Ms Cubillos to Dada where she had set out a long list of his violent and threatening behaviour, including that he “gave me a black eye”, stalked her, and “said u wished I was dead”.

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Among the litany of complaints, she also wrote that he had “camped out my family’s house for hours”, had been “constantly threatening me”, and had smashed her phone.

“It’s clear from evidence in this case that Ms Cubillos is petrified of the defendant and what he may do to her in the future”, said Mr Patience.

Describing the attack itself, he said Dada arrived on a moped and was seen on CCTV running towards Ms Cubilos and Mr Tannin.

He first attempted to hit Mr Tannin before he “lunged at Ms Cubillos’ eye” and then fled.

Dada sent a letter to the judge, suggesting he had been left traumatised by the death of Ms Makunova and vowing to stay clear of crime.

But after sentence was passed, 6ft 3in Dada refused to leave the dock and launched into a rant at the judge, claiming to have been the victim of “injustice”.

“My ex-girlfriend died with her own weapon – what’s that got to do with me?”, he said, while suggesting violent acts against him had gone unpunished.

“I’ve been stabbed twice and chased with a pole, but the moment I do something, they react. How does that make sense?”

Dada admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault, and criminal damage.

He has already spent more than 200 days in prison awaiting sentence, and is set to be released at the halfway point of his two years and three months sentence.

The judge imposed a 10-year restraining order preventing Dada from contacting Ms Cubillos, her mother, or Mr Tannin, and banning him from the boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond.

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