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Outrage over survey claiming 62% Nigerians optimistic about progress under Tinubu

Many netizens are outraged by a new survey claiming that “62 percent of Nigerians see the country moving forward under the current administration of President Bola Tinubu, while 38 percent do not.”

The survey, conducted by a Lagos-based public perception consulting and strategic communication firm, CMC Connect LLP, in partnership with Analysts Data Services and Resources (ADSR), submit that a total of 1,714 participants across the country’s six geopolitical zones took part in the survey and shared their opinions and views concerning the first 60 days of Tinubu’s administration.

According to the report, respondents are less satisfied with the first 60 days of the current administration, but they are more optimistic about the country moving forward under the current administration.

Some social media users have however expressed anger over the statistics, saying it does not represent the current reality. They posted on twitter:

@firstladyship: While Nigerians are still struggling to afford the N620 per liter, the FG & oil marketers are planning to hike fuel pump price to N720. Look at this. Can you justify the wickedness of the leaders in Nigeria? Show me the 62% of Nigerians that are happy with the APC?

@queenadureh: These leaders are people like us. It’s basically not about the leaders alone. Many Nigerians are not empathetic. Many! And this affects us in many ways. It has always been rotten from the roots and that’s the reason it keeps getting worse.

@Chuksoke1: Nigerians are suffering and smiling. Call for an election today and see people campaigning and voting for him.

@OnwePeter8: This survey was done within APC senators and Rep members. It is useless and cannot diminish the fact that Nigerians are grinding. Its all part of their laiography and laiocrafty.

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@AremoAmir: When I saw that their supposed poll that 62% Nigerians are happy with the APC regime with premium Shege, I laughed and say their normal propaganda have began but unfortunately their analysts didn’t tell them the people are awoke and cannot be deceived anymore.

@EmekaCh63863745: This is just the beginning, you guys don’t know this guy called akpabio, he’ll sell Nigeria and still buy it 🙆🙆🙆

@samsonomotara: Very soon, everyone will walk up to this law makers and stone them when they come home watch out.

@jeezymaguire1: The height of wickedness, they know Nigerians are all bark and no bite. It’s a circle their predecessors left for them.

As reported by The Cable, the survey reveals that a substantial majority of respondents show strong satisfaction with the suspension of Godwin Emefiele as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Abdulrasheed Bawa as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The report also shows that respondents endorsed the allowance of both old and redesigned naira notes as legal tenders, while the proposed removal of electricity subsidy got significant dissatisfaction due to concerns about energy costs.

The report said the unification of exchange rates and the president’s target of 6 percent average growth rate in the next four years also received moderate gratification levels from respondents.

According to the report, there is substantial dissatisfaction with the arrangement of the ministerial list among respondents, emphasizing the relevance of diversified and representative cabinet selections. Also, the removal of petrol subsidy generates mixed views, with a significant portion becoming disheartened and harboring strong concerns, showing the sensitive nature of energy policy changes.

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“Planned opening of more land borders, and the release of fertilizers and grains to farmers and households enjoy favorable reception. Respondents support the appointment of Service Chiefs and the dissolution of governing boards of government agencies.

“The suspension of the import tax change levy on certain vehicles, the introduced green tax on single-use plastics, and excise duty escalation on locally manufactured products, receives favorable thumbs up while the establishment of the Nigerian education loan fund garners mixed satisfaction levels, underscoring the need for a balanced approach to education financing,” the report reads.

The firms disclosed that findings of the survey showed that 33 percent of the respondents did not vote in the last election, while 67 percent voted. 51 percent of the respondents voted APC during the last election, 5 percent voted PDP, 32 percent voted LP, 2 percent voted NNPP, while 10 percent voted other parties.

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