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Prevent rice from sticking together, clear dandruff and more with lemon!

They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonades out of them. But, what if we told you that there are many more ways to put those tangy, oval, light-yellow fruits to good use?

From using them in cleaning and sanitation, which is very good, to using them for cooking, which is even better, to lemons for health purposes, which is simply the zest!

Read on to find out more ways to exploit a Lemon fruit.

Lemon for cleaning and sanitation

Clean and deodorize your microwave: Well, don’t we all have odd moments when we forget something in the microwave for a minute, and it gets burnt, leaving behind an ugly gunk and a smell of burns and ruin? Lemon to the rescue! Simply cut a lemon in half and dip it inside baking soda and use it to scrub the inner part of the microwave. The cleaning and deodorizing power of both lemon and baking soda will combine to restore cleanliness to your microwave and leave it smelling fresh.

Deodorize your refrigerator: Storing foods and other stuff in the refrigerator could leave it smelling funny over time. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice on a damp cloth. Use it to wipe the inside of your refrigerator and put the rest of the cut lemon in a corner of the refrigerator for a couple of days.

adding a few drops of lemon juice into a boiling pot of rice will keep the grains from gluing up

• Clean greasy stains: The citric acid content in lemon enables it to cut through greasy and oily stains. From cleaning up oily dishes and other kitchen utensils to ridding wooden or plastic cutting boards of grease, there’s no kitchen challenge a single piece of lemon won’t solve.

Sprinkle some salt on the surface of your cutting board and scrub with a half-cut lemon, making circular movements. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes to work its magic and rinse. This process can be used to clean grease off bowls, plates, and other utensils.

• Bathroom and toilet cleaner: Toilets and bathrooms tend to attract bacteria and other harmful parasites. Extend the goodness of lemon to them to have them looking and smelling clean. Squeeze a couple of lemons on the walls of your toilet or bathroom bowl.

Sprinkle some salt on the bowl walls and leave for about 30 minutes to work its magic. Get a brush and scrub before flushing off with water. For a stronger, more potent portion, add some baking soda or borax. This would help clean off lime scales or hard water stains.

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• Whiten fabrics: Add a few drops of lemon juice to your washing water to enhance the whitening power of any detergent of your choice. Dropping dried lemon peels in your wardrobe would also help keep moths and insects away. It also stops it from having a musky odor.

Lemon for food and cooking

Keep brown sugar from hardening: Putting a piece of lemon peel in an airtight container of brown sugar can help keep it from lumping up. The moisture in the lemon peel would help keep the sugar soft, just as we all like it.

• Boiling eggs made easier: Don’t we all hate it when we boil eggs and they crack and pop open while cooking? What’s even worse is when they won’t peel easily and keep peeling off with the shell, leaving it all bruised and battered. Dipping eggs in lemon juice before boiling would help your egg come out just the way you like it. It will also make peeling easier.

For dandruff, mix a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with olive oil and rub it into your scalp

• Keep boiled rice from sticking or lumping up: If lumpy rice is a problem for you, then this is your lucky day. A simple hack of adding a few drops of lemon juice into  boiling water would help keep the grains from gluing up while cooking. Now you can enjoy your rice all grainy and dry.

• Tenderize your meat: Lemon juice can help soften your meat and make it sumptuous. Thanks to the inherent citric acid content. Simply add a few drops into the boiling meat and the acid in it will help break down the fiber in your meat. It’ll also help add some flavor to the taste!

• A replacement for salt? Yes please!: If you’re struggling with High Blood Pressure and need to stick to a sodium-free diet, then lemon can be a very great option for you instead of salt.

Lemon can help add flavor to meals and give the taste a massive upgrade, which makes it a perfect replacement for salt. Try adding a few drops to spice up your baked fish, broiled steaks and meats, and you’ll be convinced.

Lemon for improved health

• Freshen your breath: Are you suffering from bad breath? The acid content in lemon can help to eliminate the bacteria causing foul odor in your mouth. Simply add a few drops of lemon to a glass of clean water and use it as mouthwash. Gargle with it for a bit and ensure to let it penetrate the corners of your mouth before rinsing off with plenty clean water to keep your teeth from becoming sensitive.

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• Stay hydrated: Do you hate the bland, insipid tasteless taste of water? Well, instead of turning to soda and other harmful drinks to stay hydrated, simply add a few drops of lemon juice to your glass of water or water bottle.

This will help to upgrade the taste and give it some sharpness. This way, you can enjoy both the benefit of staying hydrated and the revitalization and nourishment that lemon brings.

• Boost your immune system: According to online health portal WebMD, lemon contains about 50mg of Vitamin C, over half of what is needed in our daily diet. This makes adding lemon to your diet a very expedient move as Vitamin C helps serve as an antioxidant, aids in iron absorption, helps the skin with collagen, and strengthens the immune system. If you can’t stand the taste of lemon, then you can go with adding a few drops to water.

• Get rid of dandruff: Getting rid of those annoying white flakes on your scalp could be as simple as mixing a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with olive oil and rubbing it into your scalp. While the lemon juice will help peel off the dry skin, the olive oil would serve as a moisturizer.


So, there you go many more ways to get more out of your lemon. I bet you can’t wait to start trying them out. Please do! And, pls don’t forget to spread the goodness of feisty zesty lemon by sharing this content.

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