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Regrets, joy as Nigerians share Japa tales on Twitter

Nigerians living abroad have shared their individual experiences on Twitter.

While many of them expressed regrets about the decision to migrate, especially at teh initial stage, many of them also shared stories of triumph; while some tweeps used the opportunity to display their sarcastuc sides.

Trouble started when Chicken Catcher, with Twitter handle @EtuboLion, tweeted: “At some point in your japa journey, did you ever think leaving Nigeria was a bad decision? Please share with us.” The tweet has had four million views so far, and over 100 responses.

See some of the tales as tweeted:

Yetunde @yhettyqueen1_ says, “Yeah, I spent 30yrs in the UK and got tired and thought I should come back home then went to US maybe it’ll change my mind. I spent 13yrs there and nah…. No place like home.”

@Mazipita narrates: “Finished my MBA in the UK and decided to stay. I was jobless for almost a year. Found myself doing labourer jobs at the construction sites and wondered why I even left Nigeria in the first place.”

@Eddie_cyber describes his experience with depression: “Depression is extremely high in UK. One of the reasons I do tell my Naija peeps is to check up on their love ones in UK. The person you are fighting because of money might also be battling with life maybe due to attempted suicide. I miss Nigeria I, but it’s well sha.”

The weather and hard job seem to be the issue with @AgbIvy, who tweeted: “10 years ago in the Uk, I got connected to a factory job cos I needed the money. After I did 4 hours inside “freezer”, I ran back home and started wondering what I was doing in the UK.”

@Ifuupee231 complains of joblessness: “Right now I feel like going home 😞came in ending of March up till now no job, waking up with unfortunately emails very annoying money is not coming in from anywhere 😭 but I don’t want to go back.”

@aladeayoo gives a glimpse into his work life: “I worked as a support worker trying to positively restrain a stronger adult from touching his Willy Willy, after 6 hours straight all my bones weak. I asked myself what am I doing here. Story plenty.”

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Just like @fabolousfranky who tweeted, “Yes oh,I went for a construction job that was suppose to last for 8 hours but was exhausted after 10 minutes.I don’t know how I survived the entire shift.That night I miss home,if I saw that job in my vision back when I was in Nigeria,I for no travel.”

For someone like @Ify09741848, the extreme weather is the challenge: “When I had to walk 15 miles on a rainy day because I missed the bus that came by every hour. Another time was when I almost froze to death at a bus stop because I didn’t have the proper winter clothing. My guardian gave me a spring jacket to wear in winter.”

@jamosa_21 says, “I came out of JFK to a windy February winter and ran back inside and immediately told myself I have made a big mistake. It has been 20 years and I am glad I had a one way ticket and only $380 in pocket so it was either I stay or trek back home.”

@Soulmedika also ha sissues with the weather: “The fact that I relocated during winter, and one day I entered the wrong bus at night and had to alight at bus stop I don’t know. Cold wanted to finish me that night. I suddenly started thinking of the possibility of going back to naija.”

Some say they have made a breakthrough, such as:
@Tewviq1 who tweeted: “I left Nigeria almost 10 yrs ago.Did pizza delivery,construction jobs,Dish washing,garbage disposal for the city, worked as a cleaner in university of dallas cleaning toilets including women pads etc. Today,working in a top 3 banks in the world as a tech with basic salary $120,000.Also have my own startup coy that generated $40,000 last year.”

@MatthewOnajite corroborates this: “I have never regretted leaving Nigeria for even a day. I wish I had left immediately, I finished my secondary school education. After one year in America, I made more money than I had ever made throughout my life in Nigeria. I guess it’s my destiny.”

@bankai_ban is so happy! “For where? Six months after I arrived, did tax return and the govt refunded me $2100. Said I paid too much tax the previous year. I cried. Nigeria for 26 years never gave me as much as 1 Naira. Na so so suffer m. The thought of ever not liking it here vanished into thin air.”

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@dancoded01 is stable in his thoughts: “Never in my years aboard have I ever regretted leaving nigeria.”

Some claimed to have seized the opportunity to travel the world:
@gaiuschibueze says, “Lol some of us Japa Rich. Been balling around 26 countries since I left. My first return ticket is for October 28th 2059.”

@goziecharles1 regards it as personal freedom: “It was a good decision for me …. Because I was deadass broke, financially unstable,depended a lot on people and was used a lot. So when the opportunity to leave Nigeria came,I grabbed it with both hands. Thank God for everything and thank God I don’t depend on anyone again.”

Some gave sarcastic response, such as:
Ade @Adeeeeeeeey appears to speak tongue-in-cheek: “Yes. When I got to New York, I was offered an administrative position at @DeloitteUS, with pay totalling $117k per anum, a car and a 3 bed apartment at Hell’s kitchen, Manhattan. Having working for 3 weeks I began miss Nigerian and buhari, so I resigned and came back home.”

For @kay_hardcore, it is backward never: “Never ever. I knew how I suffered back home that alone is enough to make me never giving up or looking back. I’d been humbled to my knees but never flinched lol I’m tough so I prepared for tough times which lasts for a decade but I’ve never regretted leaving NIGERIA for once.”

Overall, @FrancaSignal gave a frank advice: “If you are looking for a country to get better job, biz and make good money, avoid UK. Think of Australia, USA and Canada.”

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