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Savour the exotic delights of iwuk edesi and doro wat!

Iwuk Edesi, also known as native jollof rice, is a favored rice dish frequently consumed in Nigeria.

The unique combination of palm oil and smoked fish gives this dish its distinct flavor. Not only does it serve as an excellent meal for family gatherings, but it also makes for a fantastic choice when hosting guests.

Prep Time: 10 mins.
Cook Time: 40 mins.
Total Time: 50 mins.
Servings: 4 individuals

• Two cups of rice
• Half cup of palm oil
• Two tablespoons of locus beans
• Scent leaves
• One cup of pepper mix consisting of ata rodo and tatashe, a touch of onions, your smoked fish, and two coking spoons of palm oil.
• Three tablespoons of ground crayfish
• One tablespoon of beef bouillon
• One teaspoon of salt
• Few pieces of palamu (dried herring)

1. Thoroughly rinse the rice and put it aside. If you wish, you may parboil it.
2. Clean and soak your dried fish, setting it aside afterward. There’s no need to soak the smoked fish.
3. Set a pan on a medium heat, add palm oil and allow it to heat for about five minutes without reaching a smoking point.
4. Introduce chopped onions into the heated oil, fry until they become translucent. Following this, add your pepper mix, crayfish, seasonings, and salt. Let this concoction cook until oil appears on the sauce’s surface.
5. Mix in the rice with the sauce and stir. Pour water just enough to cover the rice by an inch, then lower the heat. Continuously monitor the rice and add water when necessary. After about 7 minutes, introduce the dried fish to the cooking rice. Keep the rice simmering on low heat until it is nearly done, adding water in small amounts as needed.
6. Check and adjust salt and seasoning levels as needed, then add the smoked fish, gently stirring to combine.
7. Allow the dish to cook for another 5 minutes, then introduce basil (or scent leaves) and any preferred greens to the rice. Continue the cooking process until the rice is tender but not mushy.
8. Remove the dish from heat and let it cool. Serve it hot for the best experience.

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Doro wat

Doro wat

Doro wat is a deeply aromatic and fiery Ethiopian chicken stew, typically savored during celebratory events and family get-togethers. This dish, noted for its richness, is traditionally slow-cooked to amplify its flavors.
Prep Time: 15 mins.
Cook Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 15 mins.
Servings: 8 individuals

• ¼ cup water
• ½ cup berbere spice
• Two tablespoons of kibbeh Ethiopian spiced butter
• Two tablespoons of grated ginger
• salt to taste
• Two tablespoons of tomato paste
• Four pounds of chicken
• One cup Vegetable oil
• One cup of vinegar mixed with two cups of water to clean chicken
• Six hard-boiled eggs
• Two tbsp garlic minced
• Four medium red onions
1. Ensure the chicken is thoroughly cleaned, then immerse it in a water and vinegar solution. When ready to use, rinse and allow it to drain.
2. Hard-boil the eggs, remove their shells, and keep them aside.
3. Proceed to chop the onions finely. Using a food processor could be a time-saving alternative.
4. Transfer the diced onions to a pot set on low to medium heat. The onions will produce their own moisture as they cook. Stir continuously to avoid burning, until they take on a light pink shade. This process may take about 30 to 40 minutes. Once the moisture evaporates, the onions will start sticking to the pot’s base.
5. Incorporate the oil, minced garlic, ginger, salt, and berbere spice into the onions, stirring well.
6. Introduce kebe (Ethiopian spiced butter) and tomato paste to the mixture and stir.
7. If desired, make two or three slashes in the chicken pieces to let the stew’s flavors infuse deeper. Place the chicken into the stew, stirring to mix.
8. Pour in water and allow it to cook over medium heat for approximately 30 to 40 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid scorching. Continue cooking until the stew has thickened and the chicken is tender.
9. Add the boiled eggs into the stew, allowing it to simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes.

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