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Signs, symptoms of love, according to Facebook people!

They say love is a beautiful thing; everyone loves love and loves to be loved. On the other hand, some people believe that love is a myth and doesn’t exist.

In an age where paper chasing and materialism are the order of the day, falling in love is regarded as a luxury by a lot of people.

Many people won’t know love, even when it knocks them on the nose. And you know what? I can’t blame them because I also struggle to understand what love is and how to recognize the signs when it comes around.

However, I came across a post on Facebook where someone posted a random question: ‘How do you know you are in love?’ The post generated quite a buzz as people went on to share their personal experiences in the comment section.

A lot of them sounded ridiculous, outright; but, there is sometimes sense even in nonsense, as they say.

Meanwhile, do pay attention to these signs so that love won’t pass you by.

Human zombies

Some people believe that love can turn one into an idiot or a dimwit,

A particular Facebook user commented under the thread “When my brain start to dey do bulum bulum.”

Kinda scary, though, especially for those who have watched classic zombie movies like Walking Dead or Resident Evil. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad though. Or, even if it does, it still has a beautiful twist to it.

Another user named Bagobs Annlemmy toed that line when she chipped in with her own experience. She said, “D very moment I started doing mumu mumu.”


Some people believe that when you start dreaming about that person every now and then, then they must be that special person.

A user commented: “When naso naso her face I dey see for dream for night.”How interesting!

However, when it gets so intense to the point where you see them during the day and they cloud your brain with cobwebs as another user puts it, do we still say that’s a sign of love?

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I think not; but, you can also take a look at Emsie Em 11’s comment and judge for yourself. She said, ‘Dreaming with my eyes open and spider webs start forming in my head…that’s when I knew.’

Irregular heartbeats

Irregular heartbeats have been linked to myriads of health conditions by health authorities; but who could have thought that it could be a sign of love too!

While some persons would be scared to death about the possibility of a cardiovascular health challenge and would be quick to seek health advice, these special breed of humans think it must be the effect of a shot from Cupid’s bow.

A commenter named Providence Daniel chipped in: “When your heart starts doing gbimgbim unnecessarily.”
Hahaha. Well, what do I know?

AnthonyAkinkumi also dropped a comment along that line by saying, “Heart racing faster seeing him or her.”


Well, apparently, love can cause the spirit of unnecessary spending to fall upon you. Or so Facebookers say.

Who could have thought that’s possible, especially amid an ailing economy?

Christopher Edet contributed to the conversation with, “When I couldn’t get tired of giving her money. Na there I know sey this one don catch me.” And I couldn’t stop imagining how lucky the lady is!

I know you must be thinking it’s probably because he’s a man and it’s a common practice for men to use money as bait for attracting women, however, you just wait till you hear from this lady named Promise Ikpoza.

She contributed to the discussion with: “The moment I started sending family money to him.”

Imagine having about two to three people loving you enough to spend on you: multiple streams of income.

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The 5G gang

With the way some folks were banging on about ‘connection’ in the comment section, you’ll almost swear that you were on the social media page of MTN, Airtel, or some other network provider.

They claim they felt some kind of connection with the person they’d never felt before – even when they are not around.

Oluwa Funmike, a Facebook user, had us ‘awwing’ when she said, “When you feel connected with your partner even in his/her absence, you can tell what they are doing at the moment…

How beautiful, and here I was thinking only Siamese twins have the privilege of experiencing such feelings. Apparently, I thought wrong.

Another person, Aburu Francis, said: “For me, being in love was a combination of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. I felt a strong emotional connection with my partner and enjoyed spending time with them.”

Some people out there feeling strong connection with their partners while some of us can’t even download a 10Kb file on WhatsApp without it buffering for about 5 hours; so unfair.

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