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Social media users divided over Chef Dammy

Barely two months after Chef Hilda Baci’s attempt at breaking the World Guinness Record for the marathon cooking, another chef has taken up the gauntlet. .

Despite the fact that Chef Hilda is still waiting on the result of the Guinness World Record’s regulatory team’s review, which will decide whether she officially broke the current record of 87 hours set by Chef Lata Tondon, several chefs have come out to challenge her feat, the latest being Chef Damilola Adeparusi, aka Chef Dammy.

Unlike Chef Hilda’s attempt which saw the entire nation united behind her and cheering her on towards her goal, Chef Dami’s journey, which started June 9th, has led to controversial reactions among Nigerians on social media.

While some critics say the timing of her move is wrong, especially since Chef Hilda hasn’t been officially acknowledged yet by the GWR, others say they see nothing wrong in what she’s doing.

So far, Dammy has clocked over 50 hours of marathon cooking. Below are some of the comments from the social media space.

Popular twitter influencer Nefertiti says: “You couldn’t even wait for Hilda Baci to receive her Guinness Record Certificate; you started cooking your own. Typical Nigerian jealousy and pull him down mentality. That food will purge you, including the bigots that made it about tribe”.

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The second part of the last sentence is a response to a borderline tribal tweet, made initially by another twitter user.

Another twitter user, @literally_rae tweeted “This chef Dammy cooking thing doesn’t make sense at all, everyone gassing her up is not okay. Hilda is yet to receive the Guinness certificate and someone else is already trying to outshine her…”

On the other side of the divide are people like Persian queen who believe that healthy competition should be encouraged. She had this to say about the issue: “ Some Nigerians and entitlement mentality. So, because Hilda Baci spent 100 hours cooking Book of Records, which she has yet to obtain, no one else should, right? The sky is big enough, allow other birds to fly.

Another user posted “I don’t understand why this lady is getting so much hate. Hilda is not the inventor of cook-a-thons. In fact, she too went for another person’s record…’

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Away from these two extremely opposing views, there are a few others who expressed concerns about her mode of operation, with complain about low quality of coverage , absence of health personnel and non-adherence to the rules of the challenge the major talking points.

Someone asked “This one never even reach 20hrs she don off gas, just dey play”

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