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Top Exercises for Losing Belly Fat in Women

Top Exercises for Losing Belly Fat in Women

As women, we love that figure-eight shape that makes us look classy and sexy whenever we put on those nice gowns. We get a lot of admiration when we go to the mall to see a movie or have a meal in a restaurant, and this is one feeling we never want to end. But then, suddenly, here comes the belly fat. Although it does not come overnight, it slowly but surely begins to build along our waistline, which can be a big problem. 

You suddenly have to change your dressing style or wear a girdle body shaper to keep the shape – I wonder how you breathe in those things. Before you start the whole “fashion is pain trend on social media”, you need to understand that you do not need to put up with belly fat. Instead, you can use targeted exercise routines to ensure you lose as much weight and belly fat as you want without suffocating yourself in these girdles. Here are some of the best exercise routines that can help you lose belly fat as a woman:

  • Aerobics or Cardio

Let’s be realistic, cardio or aerobics is not a TRICK WORD used by gym instructors to make us register in their gyms; No. It’s a simple daily exercise routine you can daily engage in to reduce belly and liver fat. It’s not difficult, it’s not complicated, and any and every woman can do it. Here are some of the best cardio and aerobic exercises that can help you lose belly fat:

  • Walking fast
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Running
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The key to using cardio efficiently is making sure that you do what you enjoy; if not, the minute you get tired, you give up the dream.

  • Mountain Climbers

The mountain climber is another important exercise for losing belly fat because it works on your core and other important muscles around your stomach. To perform the mountain climber, you need to go into the plank position, positioning your wrist under your shoulder. Then push your knee towards your chest and bring it back to the plank position. Repeat and alternate for both legs. Again, avoid tiring yourself out; instead, take your tie with each rep and rest when you need to.

  • Running on an Incliner

Running on an incliner is one of the best ways to burn calories and reduce your belly fat. Again, this does not have to be in the gym alone; if you have a steep road close to your home, you can use it to your advantage by walking for at least five to ten minutes before relaxing. As always, whether in the gym or on a sloped street, you need to start slowly and increase the intensity with time. Jugging on an inclined road or treadmill quickly increases your heart rate as you continue to sweat.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the top exercises for losing belly fat in women, but you are not restricted to just these routines. You can explore new exercises and reduce belly fat within a month or two of starting. You need to believe in yourself and push yourself to achieve it. Also, remember to start small to prevent initial burnout; we know you feel motivated but take it easy when you start and increase your intensity with time. Till next week’s edition, we say remain healthy and remain fit.

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