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Users of hair relaxer risk exposure to breast, uterine cancer!

A study by the National Institutes of Health found a link between the frequent use of certain hair products and an increased risk of uterine cancer.

The study showed a possible link between hair straighteners and some hormonal cancers.

Though chemical straighteners have given people the ability to change their hair texture and style to follow the latest trend, another 2021 study, published in Oxford University’s Carcinogenesis journal, found links between heavy use of lye-containing relaxers and breast cancer, though it found little evidence to support a link between overall hair relaxer use and the risk of breast cancer.

Already, L’Oreal and other companies selling products that are linked to health problems are being sued by long-term users who claim that the products had exposed them to the risks. Those lawsuits come after the National Institutes of Health studied more than 33,000 women.

The research also found that women who used chemical hair straighteners were twice as likely to develop uterine cancer. However, doctors say the type of cancer is relatively rare.

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The study also found that most of the women who reported using chemical straightening products were black because of how early relaxers are introduced to black girls and how regularly they’re used.

While the study found a link between using the product and developing cancer, researchers also acknowledged there was not enough evidence to show it caused the damage.

L’Oréal said in a response to Greer’s suit that they uphold the highest safety standards for their products.

“Our highest priority is the health, wellness, and safety of all our consumers. We are confident in the safety of our products and believe the recent lawsuits filed against us have no scientific or legal merit.

L’Oréal upholds the highest standards of safety for all its products. Our products are subject to a rigorous scientific evaluation of their safety by experts who also ensure that we follow strictly all regulations in every market in which we operate,” says a statement released by L’Oréal.

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