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VIDEO: ‘You’ll continue to be a he,’ Kanayo prays for son going to America

Veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, posted a video of himself praying for his son who is about to travel to America.

Kanayo, in the video uploaded on his Instagram page, had his hand on the head of his son who just got admitted into an American university, while he prayed for him.

Kanayo had prayed:

America will be proud of you.
Your achievements will cause America to celebrate you.
You will imbibe the good of the land and eat the good therefrom.
You will continue to be a HE from Ezinihitte Mbaise in Nigeria.
Your focus shall be on your books and job NOT ON TATTOS (sic).
May you never depart from your upbringing.
DO NOT FORGET GOD. You shall ever remain on God’s RADAR AND GPS.
Good luck, boy.@sincerelymontel.

Ironically, the young man whose IG handle is @sincerelymontel, uses the image of Mona Lisa, a female, as his DP.

Screenshot of Kanayo’s son’s Instagram display photograph

Kanayo’s IG followers reacted to the prayer:

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A follower with the handle @augustinaontinyechi said: “I love this. Blessings of the father remains.”

Another user noted, “You will continue to be He…my guy know say America fit change you overnight.” The comment was accompanied with multiple laughter emojis.

One @Kencheriscomedy sarcastically chips in with “Sacrifices have been made already on your behalf, go and succeed”. This comment alludes to the actor’s close relations to movies with ritualistic plots.

@chi_nonye247 noted, “You will continue to be a “HE” Lol…you know what’s up before he changes his name to Linda, Maria, Rose Lmao”

See the video as shared by Kanayo on his Instagram page:


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