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What women must know about vagina -Therapist

The vagina is an essential part of the female reproductive system that plays a crucial role in sex, childbirth, and overall female well-being.

Experts say it is a muscular canal situated between a woman’s legs that serves as a connecting passage, linking the external genital area known as the vulva, to the uterus.

This pathway allows for various essential functions, including sexual pleasure, menstruation, and childbirth.

Human reproductive experts say the level of knowledge women have about their own vagina can vary greatly from person to person, as factors such as cultural upbringing, educational background, personal experiences, and access to information play a role in shaping an individual’s understanding of their vaginal health.

the level of knowledge women have about their own vagina can vary greatly from person to person

Indeed, sex therapists contend that many marriages are in crises today because many women are used to the fallacy of not knowing what is going on down there.

Yet, sex therapists warn that there is no way you can take care of something you know little or nothing about; and when there is no proper care, the woman may start having the problem of offensive odor and infection, which is a put off for men generally, husbands inclusive.

In her book titled ‘What’s up with your Honey Pot?‘, Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire, a sex therapist and family life coach, said that there are lots of things women don’t know about the vagina.

To feel good about this crucial part of the body, the therapist said women must know the following:

Understand the anatomy of the vagina: There are three holes and other sexy and beautiful structures that make up the vagina. From front to back, the urethra is the first hole, the vagina is the second and the anus is the third. You must understand the anatomy of your vagina. Get a mirror and look through, the more you understand it, the better you can take care of it.

Washing the vagina: You don’t use ordinary soap or your bathing soap to wash your vagina, as it affects the acidic level and could clear off some microorganisms that keep your vagina in state and healthy. She advised the use of ph balanced wash made specifically for the vagina.

Scrubbing and squeezing in the name of washing, particularly when you use sponge can alter the ph balance of your vagina and remove the micro organisms that are keeping the place balanced and healthy. Always wash gently and smoothly. Also, note that not all micro organisms are harmful, some are beneficial, like the ones found in the vagina.

do not try to change how your vagina smells by spraying perfume or deodorant directly on it

Always use water to wash or rinse after visiting the toilet whether to pee or poo, it is cleaner and safer. Do not squeeze while wiping, do not wipe zigzags or from back to front. Always wipe from front to back, this will reduce the possibility of germs entering your vagina through the toilet.

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Smell of vagina: Research shows that the natural smell of the vagina can arouse a man even without seeing it. Therefore, do not try to change how it smells by spraying perfume or deodorant directly on the vagina, the after effect can be terrible. It will mean killing the micro organisms and altering the ph balance. The natural smell of your vagina is different from odor, they are not the same, don’t get it twisted. Doing the right thing the right way will keep your vagina balanced, healthy and intact.

Scratching with dirty hands can infect your vagina with germs

Do not touch or scratch your vagina with a dirty hand, in fact, do not try scratching in the public, its very unladylike and makes you look odd. Scratching with dirty hands can infect your vagina with germs. Even when you are suffering from infection like vagina itching, avoiding touching or scratching. The more you scratch or touch, the more the micro organisms that causes the itching spreads. Also, during the act of love-making, a dirty hand, finger or penis can infect your vagina with germs. Proper bath before love-making shouldn’t be a luxury especially when the man is coming from outside and all sweaty.

Pad or tampon is more hygienic than tissue paper. Always replace then after every four hours for better hygiene.

Do not douche, as it can affect the natural habitat of the good organisms that keep the vagina in shape. A douche is the procedure used for rinsing or cleansing the vagina. It typically involves the use of a liquid solution that is inserted into the vagina using a special device or douche kit. So, whether, vagina sprays or disinfectants, do not douche.

Do not sit directly on a public toilet as either to pee or poo, no matter how clean or neat it looks. Its better to stoop to avoid contacting germs from the edges of the toilet seat. Stooping will disallow the toilet seat having direct contact with your skin. Micro organisms are not visible and they spread easily.

Cotton panties

There is no alternative to cotton panties. Always wear cotton pants if you can, because cotton material allows easy ventilation and allows air to penetrate easily.

Vagina discharge is normal and varies from individual, unless there is odor, itching or burning sensation and then you might be at risk of an infection.

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The vagina can get dry especially during a long Intercourse or as you start to age. Not to worry, a good lubricant like coconut oil, petroleum jelly etc will cause no harm.

Do you know that women also ejaculate during orgasm? Its usually a small amount of milky fluid likely from the paraurethral glands inside the urethra. You are normal if you don’t ejaculate, so you don’t take your pee as ejaculation. Note that only 25percent of women will achieve orgasm through penis-vagina intercourse alone. This simply means that you need to understand that your clitoris is where the real action is. Clitoral stimulation whether by touching with the finger or by positioning will help a woman achieve the desired pleasure.

Image credit: Metro UK

Vaginal farts also known as queefs or varts happen to almost all women at one time or another, especially during sex or other forms of exercise, most time as a result of positioning. Don’t be embarrassed, you are perfectly normal.

Don’t be deceived. Forget the surgery of replacing the hymen. There is nothing like been revirginised, once your hymen is broken, you have lost your virginity, you can never be a virgin twice.

pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercises

Kegel exercise helps in tightening the vagina muscles. It is done by identifying your pelvic floor muscle, tighten it and hold the contraction for seconds, probably five to 10 seconds. It’s like holding yourself back from urinating. Kegel exercise can be done almost anywhere and at anytime. The more you practice, the more you get used to it.

Dr. Tolulope is in the business of building homes and mending relationships. She is a certified international trained clinical relationship and marriage counselor, sex therapist, family life coach and matchmaker. She is also the Executive Director of Institute of Counselling in Nigeria.

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