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Why I broke off my engagement two months to my wedding -Influencer

Ifedayo Agoro, aka Ife and Founder, Diary of a Naija Girl (DANG), has revealed that she broke off her engagement two months to her wedding because she did not want to get married for the wrong reason.

DANG is an online community that strategically inspires engagement through creative storytelling to Nigerians and about Nigerians.

Ife disclosed this while reacting to a post by an X user who said that a person does not have to get married if he or she knows it is not right, adding that some people have normalised breaking off engagements if doubts set in.

According to her, calling off her wedding two months before the ceremony despite paying for the hall, popular comedian, and wedding dress was her best decision without any regret.

She said that she had returned everyone’s Aso Ebi money because she was getting married for the wrong reason and she could not continue with such marriage.

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Ife wrote: “Broke off my engagement two months to the wedding. Hall paid for, popular comedian paid for. Part payment for popular musician paid for. Vera Wang wedding dress paid for.

“Broke things off without thinking of all that and returned everybody’s Aso Ebi money. I was getting married for the wrong reasons and I just couldn’t continue. I made one of the best decisions of my life”, She wrote on the X App.

According to her, it was a difficult moment in her life, but insisted that she had to take the bold step seeing that things can end badly.

Ife who further responded to a fan question on what she perceived as wrong reasons said nobody imposed it on her to be married at age 30.

“Because I was going to clock age 30 and I don’t know who put it in my head that I had to be married at that time or it would be socially unacceptable to be unmarried at 30.

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“When I complained to an older friend that it did not seem right because not only was I not in love but I had no rest in my spirit.

” I didn’t fall in love inside the marriage but to never let 30 pass me by. So I stayed, despite the fact that he was a pathological liar and extremely untrustworthy,” she added.

Ife is also content and media Strategist with vast experience across content creation and curation, content marketing, creative writing and media production.

Ife is a purposeful storyteller and a community builder who has successfully created a growth-centered platform where empowerment, inspiration, advocacy, people and ideas are celebrated. (NAN)

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