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3 simple exercises that can boost women’s libido

There is a common saying that most married women do not know how to satisfy their men in bed hence the constant need to go outside, if you know what I mean.

According to an NCBI research involving 384 women in Nigeria, 242 of them of reproductive age were found to have low libido (63%), and this is a major problem for most women today.

Are you a woman struggling with sexual drive and libido? Do you find it easier to tell your husband No than Yes? You can still enjoy sex with your husband and not just as an obligation.

Here are some of the best exercises that are scientifically proven to increase libido in women – make your husband eager to rush home from work every day.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise

Have you ever heard of the Kegel exercise? A lot of ladies have heard about it but either fail to be consistent or do not even get it right in the first place. It is one of the best exercises to help improve your libido and sex drive. How is this possible? Well, the exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle of the body, relaxing the vaginal muscles in the process.

This makes it possible for your vagina to open up more during intercourse – it does not make you lose, relax. How is Kegel done? In simple terms, try to think of what you do when you are pressed. This involves squeezing the pelvic muscles and relaxing after about four seconds, and this can be done anywhere and at any time.

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Do you love swimming? Does your apartment have a pool, or do you have a cool public pool nearby? Great, start swimming. This is another easy but effective way of increasing your libido. You find yourself engrossed with a lot of things, from work to taking care of the kids and meeting up with deadlines that you never knew that something so simple could have such great effects on your libido and overall sex life.

Take a chill pill, relax and go swimming. How does swimming help improve my libido, you might ask? Well, as you swim, you tend to lose weight which improves your sexual endurance. Most women see it as normal to gain a lot of weight after getting married, but the fact is, you are the main custodian of your body, and you can decide what you want.



Last but not least on the list is walking. Walking is said to increase sex drive in women because it helps increase blood flow to the vagina – It also helps with erectile dysfunction in men. Most of us have cars but fail to see the need to take the slightest of walks, and this should not be the case. Technology is supposed to help us and not the other way around. So, take out time to walk at least 30 minutes daily. It could be at home, at the office or on a simple stroll with the family. It works, and it can help you get better sexually.

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Bottom line
These activities might seem simple, but they work wonders in terms of libido and overall sex drive. Your sex life as a woman does not have to be boring and obligatory. You can consciously start all of these simple activities today and watch your sex life improve exponentially. See you in the next health and fitness article.

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