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Beginner running accessories for every woman 

By Femi Paseda

Are you looking to challenge yourself this half of the year? Are you planning on making jogging your new fitness routine?

let’s prepare you for the task ahead because you’re going to need it. In this article, we will be looking at some of the necessary accessories every woman needs to have as a beginner starting the running journey.

A good pair of running shoes

Running shoes

For you not to get instantly discouraged about running, you need the right shoes.

This is important because not every shoe can work, and when you decide to wear these uncomfortable shoes, you risk hurting your foot and not going out the next day.

So, when selecting your running shoes, look for shoes that fit but are also lightweight. This will make it possible to carry your weight easily.
A good Sports bra

Depending on the weather condition and what appeals in your location, there are different running shorts, jackets and tights.

However, you need to ensure you wear the right sporting bra alongside gym clothes.

Ensure that your sporting bra has the right fit so you can feel comfortable and also look great as well.

A running watch

running watch

As someone taking time out to run before going to work, you need to be able to keep track of time not just to know what the time is but also how long you have been able to run.

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For the best functions, you can get a smartwatch which can track your heart rate and possible routes. It is always essential to have a watch with you at all times when running.
A mobile armband

mobile armband

For security reasons, it is advised that you keep your phone at home when going for a run, especially early in the morning.

However, if you need to carry your phone, you need a mobile armband to help you hold your phone in place when you run.

Additional precautions for running

If you must run, especially in the early hours of the day, here are some additional tips and precautions you need to take to ensure you are always safe on the streets you take:
● If you must have a device with you, you can take out your smartwatch to avoid unnecessary loss in the case of theft.
● If you must listen to music, avoid listening with both ears. If you need to, you can reduce the volume so you can also be aware of your surroundings.
● Avoid going out too early, especially as a woman. If you must go due to the fact that you need to go to work, go with a male running buddy for that extra safety.
● Look at the weather forecast for that morning before deciding to go out.
● Except if you need to run every day, ensure you are random with the days you decide to run.

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Bottom Line
Running can be exciting, and as exciting as it can be, it can also be difficult if you do not have the right accessories with you. These are the best accessories you need to have with you if you want to take on the fitness responsibility of running. Also, take the necessary precautionary actions, be safe and enjoy your fitness.

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