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Why Am I Working Out and Not Losing Weight?

Losing weight is a lot more difficult for women than it is for men, and this is because women have a lot more body fat than muscle. However, losing weight is still possible if you know what to do and how to do it.

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight while you exercise, it is because you’re trying to lose weight using trial by error rather than trying to make it a healthy lifestyle which can be managed over time. Have you been trying to lose weight with no results to show for it? Here are some of the reasons why as well as changes you need to make:

1. You are eating too much

If you have a good diet, but you still find it difficult to lose weight, it is because you are eating too much. Losing weight and eating too much is like trying to take water out of a bottle with a spoon while you add more water using a cup; you will find it hard to get results. Losing weight requires the right amount of balance. If you are finding losing weight difficult, you need to reduce your portions and eat slowly. You do not have to get full before deciding to lay off your meals.

2. You’re not lifting weights

Most women who go to the gym find it easy to go to the treadmill as well as other equipment, but most women avoid lifting weights because they feel like it will make them gain muscle mass and lose their shape. Let me tell you, avoid wasting your gym membership subscription without seeing results. You need to lift more weights. This is because lifting weights helps you tone your muscles, and this helps you lose excessive fat. You can go on with your favourite cardio exercise but just ensure that you lift more weights.

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3. You’re not working hard enough

Losing weight is a different case for different women because we are a lot bigger than each other with different weight loss objectives. If you are big already, you need to work a lot harder to see results. Likewise, when you begin to see results, you need to push harder to see more results. So, if you are not getting the results you are looking for, you need to work a lot harder. Try to push yourself a little bit more than you normally would and watch the tremendous results you get out of working out.

4. You’re not taking enough time to recover

Any woman who works out needs enough time to rest as well. When you achieve that painful and tiring feeling you experience after working out, you need to take your time to rest as well. You need to work out a routine where you rest on some days and workout on others to prevent overburdening your body. No matter what you are trying to achieve, you need to set out time to rest because it is important because this is the time when your body does the majority of fat burning.

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Bottom Line

It can be very difficult working out and not getting the results you want. If you have not been seeing great results as you workout, look through the tips we have highlighted here, make changes and start getting excellent results. Working out and getting results is a possibility for you as a woman, so waste no time today because you got some calories to burn.


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