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Bolt driver orders female passenger with body odor out of his car

A video that has gone viral online shows a tense argument between a bolt driver and a female passenger.

The man posted the video on his TikTok account, @virginbishop, and claimed that the lady had a terrible body odor.

In the video, the driver voiced his concern and asked her if she had anything with her that was causing the odor.

He said in the video, “Madam, no vex; you carry anything wey dey smell? The smell too much.”

The lady denied having anything that smelled badly, but the Bolt driver did not believe her. He said that it was her body that smelled that bad.

He said, “Maybe na your body na. I don endure tire. The thing dey smell and I no fit bear am again”.

The female passenger challenged him for accusing her of having body odor and bragged that the Bolt driver could not afford the perfume she wears.

She tried to stop him from recording her, but he resisted. He said that the video was for evidence if she reports him to Bolt. He told the lady to get out of his car.

She eventually got out while insulting him. The Bolt driver did not collect any money from her. The incident happened in Port Harcourt.

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