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Caring for your clothes to make them last longer

One of the best ways to build a vast collection of clothes for your wardrobe is to know how to maintain the clothes you have while you add some new ones to the collection.

The average lifespan for clothes is about two years and some months, and knowing how to keep these clothes looking great while you get some others is one way to keep your collection vast and captivating.

However, while some women know how to keep their clothes looking great for a long time, some others find themselves struggling to keep some set of clothes looking great, and this eventually pushes them to either keep on wearing the same set of clothes or break the bank just to get a vast collection at some point in the year.

In the end, they still do not look good because there is no variety. Do some colours fade? Do some clothes look shabby after a short period despite the fact that they are authentic?

Do not worry; here are some of the best ways to care for your clothes, so they can last longer. This means more clothes for you and a stunning outlook, just the way you have always wanted.

Wash less


If you have always had a habit of washing your clothes the minute you get back from work; then you are damaging your clothes.

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Washing often damages the fiber of your clothes, which is why if you have to wash, you need to be absolutely sure it is necessary.

Instead of throwing every cloth into the washing machine after wearing, try spreading it out in the open.

Pay attention to your cloth labels

washing symbols

Another thing you need to do to preserve the quality of your clothes is to look at their labels.

Alongside not washing often, you can pay attention to the labels to preserve the quality.

For example, you can pay attention to signs like “Iron in Low Temperature,” “Do Not Wring”, etc. So, avoid doing anything that is not advised on the label to keep it looking great.

Wash Inside Out

washing clothes

Another way to preserve the lifespan of your clothes is to wash them inside out.

Most of us ladies believe that washing inside out would not clean the cloth properly – this is absolutely wrong.

Washing inside out reduces the friction on the fibre, and this preserves the lifespan of the clothes.

Store Your Clothes Properly

proper clothes storage

The proper storage of your clothes is one way to preserve their quality.

Properly folding your clothes and keeping them somewhere without excessive sunlight and moisture is one way to preserve their quality and lifespan.

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Avoid leaving your clothes just about anywhere to prevent them from getting dirty, rumpled and in need of constant washing.

Bottom line
Having a great collection of clothes involves preserving the quality of the ones you have while you add some others to the collection.

These are some of the best ways to keep them looking great and keep yourself looking stunning for a long time.

This saves you money without the need to spend a lot of money periodically on expensive collections over and over again.

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