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How to prevent caked, patchy makeup foundation

Does your makeup foundation always look caked and patchy every time you put it on? Do not feel bad; a lot of women are in the same boat as you.

Most of the time, the makeup applied is too thick – mostly because we are trying to prevent it from sliding off – and this causes it to cake on your face.

This is not only annoying; it is also disgraceful as we tend to notice the makeup looking anything but good on our way to wherever occasion we attend.

In this article, we will be examining some of the best ways to prevent cakey and patchy makeup foundation.

Hydrate your face


A flawless foundation starts with well-hydrated skin.

Even if you’re a professional, dry skin will ruin your results.

A moisturizer hydrates your skin all day, allowing you to apply foundation smoothly.

Use light and medium coverage foundations

makeup kit

Full-coverage foundations are pigment-rich. These foundations might seem heavy and cakey if used improperly.

Instead, choose light or medium foundations that you may layer for more coverage. The foundation can be applied in layers without feeling heavy.

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Use a damp makeup sponge or blender

If you’re not sure how to apply foundation, use a moist makeup sponge or blender.

A fine, light foundation is left on your face when the moist makeup sponge drains excess foundation.

A cosmetic brush’s bristles can leave your skin flaking, causing the foundation to stick to these places.

Use the right makeup sponge

makeup sponge

Apply foundation using a makeup sponge with a bouncy motion to blend it into the skin. Apply the foundation in thin layers and build it up gradually.
5. Avoid using too much powder.

Overusing powder to set your face is the main cause of cakey foundation. Be careful when applying pressed or loose powder.

Oily-skinned people overuse powder because they think it will absorb gloss and keep their skin smooth all day. However, too much powder can soon build up on your face and leave your makeup looking uneven.

Always use a Setting Spray

After applying foundation and makeup, finish with a setting spray. Setting sprays keep makeup in place and dissolve it to remove powdered residue. This makes makeup look more skin-like. This makes it feel more like your natural texture, which is great.

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Bottom line

If you have been having problems with your foundation looking all patchy and cakey, these are the best steps to take to get that even and fine outlook. Check out some of our other style trends so you can always look great no matter where you find yourself.

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