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Declutter your closet: Detox guide

By Folashade Ogunlade

The one thing that we can all agree on is that there is no better time to detox your wardrobe than now. This is because your wardrobe is essential to the way you look, and if your wardrobe looks like this, you’re going to end up wearing what you see rather than what you would like to wear. You think about a yellow gown the night before you sleep, and when you wake up to that disorganised wardrobe, you end up putting on a green jacket and a black skirt which, of course, would be rumpled without the power to help you tidy it up. Are you ready to detox? Here are the steps you can use to detox your wardrobe right now.

Empty your wardrobe

When we talk about emptying your wardrobe, don’t get excited because you get to throw everything you have in the wardrobe on your bed – no. Instead, take a certain amount of clothes out per time and examine the quality of the clothes. This will, of course, allow you to check the quality of each cloth you take out from your wardrobe without getting overwhelmed with the number of clothes you have to put back into your wardrobe.

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Discard occasional wears

You know those clothes that have a lot of sentimental value? Yes, the ones you occasionally wear, like the clothes you put on when you were still serving in Delta and have refused to let go of. It is time to let go. You need to discard them immediately because the chances that you’ll ever put them on again is slim, which means that you are reserving precious wardrobe space for old clothes. The best bet is to give them to charity or resell them if you feel the quality can still afford you good money.

Keep only the clothes that fit

One of the biggest problems women have these days when it comes to clothes is that they keep a lot of old clothes in anticipation that they will either lose weight and fit into them or be able to wear them when they gain weight in the future. I hate to break it to you, but those clothes are not going to fit, and when they do not, you begin to have negative thoughts about how much weight you have gained or lost every time you see them. So, stick to clothes that fit now and enjoy your well-organised wardrobe.

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Hang your Jewellery

Do you have a lot of jewellery taking up a lot of space in your wardrobe? Then hang them. This helps to keep them hydrated, plus the fact that not all jewellery needs to go into a box. Hanging them prevents a lot of problems like twining and missing necklaces as well as the organisation of the drawers where you keep them. So, make space to hang your jewellery and enjoy the high level of organisation.

Bottom Line

An organised closet means an organised mind and a high level of clarity when it comes to your fashion trends. For more style trends, check out some of our other style trends and keep on looking radiant as ever.

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