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Igbo bridal fashion: George wrapper and blouse combo

George fabrics and wrappers are one of the most popular Igbo traditional wedding attires.

These attires have existed among the Igbo in southern Nigeria for a very long time. It does not only look great on you as a woman; it feels soft and comfortable, and it can accommodate a lot of fine embroidery.

What is a George fabric?

One thing about fashion is that a lot of things change. Things keep evolving, but most of our African fashion trends keep remaining relevant, especially for Igbo weddings and other special events.

It is designed using a mix of silk and cotton, along with beautiful embroidery designs. For most of them, there are many lace designs, which make them very classic and special.

The use of gold and silver threads is a common practice for creating exceptionally intricate designs on the most beautiful George materials.

Typically, silver threads are used for embroidering cold-colored fabrics, while gold threads are used for embroidering warm-colored fabrics, although some might not follow this pattern.

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With a wider range of choices, most women have more opportunities to appreciate the diversity of fashion.

George wrapper and blouse

The George wrapper is simply a wrapper designed to be wrapped around the waist of anyone wearing it. Because of the thickness of these George materials, they are best used as wrappers, which is the normal style.

Even though the material is designed in a straight line, it comes with many patterns, which make it beautiful to behold and classic for the person wearing it.

The icing on the cake is the blouse. These blouses come in a variety of designs and styles that make you look unique.

The designs come with transparent and special designs that make the shoulders, hands, and necklines beautiful.

These blouses fit perfectly with the wrappers because the wrappers are designed to go around the waist at least once or twice, depending on your waistline.

When fitted with the right accessories, such as heels, bags, and necklaces, you look perfect and classy.

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