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Top 7 nail trends to try!

Every year comes with a new trend, and these trends usually steal the show!

Whether you like it or not, your nails are one of the most important aspects of your sense of style, and when we go to the salon, we get kind of confused about which style or colour we need to choose.

Luckily for you, we have a lot of trends, styles, and colours for you to choose from. This way, you can have a style in mind, and easily express yourself to your nail artist.

French glass nails

This is probably the most in-demand nail trend in 2023. You get a quality French manicure with a classy nail on top of it. It is simply classic. Take a look at some of the samples here:

Velvet nails

If you are the type that loves your nails to sparkle and shine, you can try the velvet nail trend. It comes in different colours and can be designed to match your outfits. Take a look at some of the samples here:

Negative space nails

This is a special nail design that involves designing and colouring a specific part of your nail, leaving some of your nails fully exposed with only a nude covering. Take a look at some of the samples here:

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Chrome nails

If you want to get noticed with your nails, you need chrome nails. Chrome nails are metallic nail designs added to your manicure. You just have this shine about you, and that makes it all that special. Take a look at some of the samples here:

Long red nails

Red has many shades, and it also has this spark about it. Whether you need a light tone, a sharp outlook, or this romantic touch, having long red nails fixed can do the trick for you. What’s more is that it matches most of your outfits, and if you are the glittery queen, you can match it up with glitter. Take a look at some of the samples here:

Minimal nails

If you need simple nails, you can try the minimal nails. It is simple but classy, and this nail trend is popular with many celebrities.

It will be so popular in 2023 that it can and should meet your needs for every occasion. If you are simple and looking for a classic manicure design to match, this is top notch. Take a look at some of the samples here:

3D nail style

A 3D nail is a three-dimensional artwork created on your fingernail. It could be simple, patterned, or shaped, and believe me when I say, it comes with a lot of attention.

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So, if you are shy, this might bring you a lot of attention. Take a look at some of the samples here:

Look through all of the highlighted designs here, make an awesome selection, and then visit your nail artist as soon as possible.

Rock it because you deserve to shine!

What do you think about these nail designs? Leave a comment below!

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