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Overcome your hair loss with good sleep!

One of the first things people notice about your looks, whether as a man or woman, is your hair.

Beautiful and good-looking hair has a way of elevating your good looks, which makes you look so great. However, one can only style hair when there is hair to style. A lot of women experience hair loss.

Most of them complain that they have tried everything they can to keep their hair from shedding but to no avail.

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The question now is, what is the cause of hair loss in the first place? While there are many reasons for hair loss, one major factor most women fail to acknowledge is the lack of sleep.

Does sleep deprivation lead to hair loss? The short answer is yes, but it’s complicated.

According to specialists at the Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, New York, lack of sleep can lower your hormone levels.

they explain the situation: “While you’re sleeping, your body is producing human growth hormone. If you aren’t sleeping enough to have full sleep cycles or your sleep cycles are getting interrupted, causing you to wake up throughout the night, then you might not be producing enough human growth hormones.”

They add that a lack of sleep can also create stress on your body, which increases your chance of telogen effluvium, a significant, albeit potentially temporary, loss of hair on your scalp.

Relationship between sleep and hair loss

When the doctor tells us to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep, it is no joke because this is the one thing that can help the body to recover from stress and other difficult experiences during the day.

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When you do not experience the right amount of sleep, you experience hair thinning. It also makes it difficult for your hair to grow during this period, and this means losing more hair than you grow.

A lot of us women might find ourselves in a position where we have career objectives that make it difficult for us to get enough sleep.

The question is, can hair loss from lack of sleep grow back? Doctors say yes!

Experts at the India-based Hairfree & Hairgrow Clinic say that, fortunately for many people who stay up late or are ‘workaholic’, hair loss caused by lack of sleep is not permanent and can be easily reversed.

“Damage due to lack of sleep is not permanent now, but if we keep on ignoring it, it does turn into permanent,”they warn.

So, we can still work on something that would make it possible for us to get good sleep and look good. Without a doubt, for your hair to look great all the time, you need to feed your body with enough rest.

Tips to getting better sleep

Better sleep

So, now that we have established the importance of good sleep to hair retention and growth, how do you get good sleep – especially for women who maintain tight schedules?

● Ensure you have a steady sleep cycle – which simply means having a specific time when you go to bed. With all the traffic, the stress from work and of course all the things you have to do, one might say this is not possible, but it is. You need to set a specific time to go to bed and maintain it. When you do this, you automatically set your mind to do other things before you go to bed.

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● Avoid using your phone before you go to bed, and keep the room dark. If you are a phone lover, you need to keep your phone at a distance before going to bed.

● Try to ensure that your room is always silent when you go to bed—mitigate the noise as much as you can.

● Ensure you have a good, comfortable pillow that can help you get quality rest.

● Avoid alcohol before going to bed; it does more harm than good.

● Avoid stress as much as you can.

● Ensure you take your meal at least three hours before going to bed and avoid heavy meals like eba, semo, fufu, etc.

Once you can manage your sleep cycle properly alongside keeping your hair clean all the time, you will always have beautiful hair to try different beautiful hairstyles without any restrictions.

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