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How to stay healthy in an office job

Sitting in an office in front of a screen all day is not only boring, it is not really great for your health as well and this is the reality for most women in Nigeria. A lot of women experience lower back pain, obesity, and colon cancer.

A lot of these women experience these complications as they work and even after retiring making it difficult for them to enjoy life after the office. For you to enjoy good health while smashing those deadlines as well as after your career is well and truly over, here are things you can do to improve your health in your office job.

Drink a lot of water

drink water

Water has zero calories, it is healthy, and makes you feel full but a lot of women do not take enough of it because we get distracted with other unhealthy and fizzy drinks – we know them. It is expected that every woman should take a minimum of 2.7 liters daily to keep the body healthy. If you do not drink enough water as an office worker, it is approximately three bottle water containers which you can get from your dispenser at the office.

Move from your desk every hour

Evidence from the last few years suggests that sitting for prolonged times is harmful to human health. So, get up and walk around as much as possible while at work. Instead of sending an email, go over to a coworker’s desk and have a conversation; stand up while on a call; offer to get the tea; or use the stairs rather than the elevator. Setting an alarm to go off every hour can be helpful if you have trouble remembering to take breaks from your desk.

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Sit correctly at your desk

If you do most of your work at a desk, you should have a comfortable and well-organized space to do it. Having a comfortable chair and adjusting the height of your workstation and laptop will help immensely with this. Back, neck, and shoulder pain are all possible outcomes of slouching when seated. If you plan on using your laptop for an extended period of time while at home, you need to get it set up properly.

Avoid Cakes and Cookies


It never fails to amaze me how cakes and cookies magically emerge at work, whether it be for a presentation, a celebration, or simply because it’s Friday. You should not eat them while at work. That way, you won’t have to think about it, and you’ll be less likely to succumb to the temptation to have just a little bit. You probably aren’t hungry, but you’ll probably eat them anyhow.

Avoid snacking 

When you’re at work, it’s simple to compulsively eat an entire bag of chips, almonds, or candy. Not buying snacks is the simplest approach to control your munching. If you’re feeling the urge to eat, instead of sitting at your desk, get up and go talk to a coworker or start working on something new. If you really need something to snack on midday, try bringing in some raw vegetables like carrots or salads for a healthy option that will still satisfy your craving for something crunchy.

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Reduce your stress levels

Over-stressing ourselves can have devastating effects on our bodies. It can weaken your defenses, make it hard to get to sleep, and lead you to crave harmful foods or alcohol. Talk to someone, anyone from a friend or coworker to a boss or HR representative, if you’re feeling stressed on the job.

Take a vacation

We all benefit from taking time off during the holidays to relax and rejuvenate. Going on a trip can help you relax and put work worries in perspective. Don’t just take it easy; unwind entirely. You shouldn’t feel pressured to see every “great” location, but instead should focus on having a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Avoid checking your professional inbox as well. You’re so far away, it’s not even worth trying. Everyone back home can handle things just fine.

Bottom Line
Only a healthy woman can be a productive woman. An office job is great for your career as well as your pocket but it can be stressful on your health as well. To remain healthy as an office woman, these are some of the steps you can take. The great part is that you can start where you are and make it a habit you will enjoy for a long time.

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