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Ponytail Ideas for 4C Hair

By TariemiOreoritse

4C hair and the ponytail are birds in a bun.

For many 4C naturalistas, ponytails are the go-to hairstyle when you’re too lazy to get your favourite protective cornrows made, don’t feel like dealing with the stress of a wig, and can’t figure out what to do with all that hair.

Once you hack your favourite ponytail, it’s easy to fall into a routine and keep doing that same style every time your hand touches your hair.

Here are some fantastic ideas to help you find a new favourite ponytail style or improve your current one.

Afro Bubble Ponytail

This ponytail style is all the drama you need! Instead of going for the regular wide-base ponytail and leaving that curly mass exposed to the elements, form a few bulbs by tying the length of your hair in bands. The fuller your hair is, the wider each band should be. This hairstyle also protects your tips from breakage, so a win for all.

Ponytails and Twists

If you’re going to leave your afro sprawling over the top of your head, you can add some dynamic to the base. Before tying up the ponytail, take a neatly cut section from the front and twist it backwards. For more noticeable results, slide a few beads onto the twist, lay it back and tie it up with the rest of your hair.

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Sleek Space Buns

This chic hairstyle looks cute. The key to nailing this look is getting the front slick. This adds a bit of effect to the curly buns appearing at the back. You’d have to detangle and moisturise your hair. Power up your space buns by laying your edges and defining your middle part.

Sleek Ponytail with A Swoop

This is one hairstyle that shows off your best angles. To nail this look, create a c-shaped side parting starting from your better-looking side and swoop the hair over your forehead and tuck it above your ear. Hold it in place with a suitable styling gel. The shinier your hair looks, the better. For more oomph, style your edges, add some pearl hairpins and attach a butt-length braided extension.

Side Ponytails

If you aren’t in for much experimenting, just take your favourite ponytail and shift it to your more flattering side. This style works for both high and low ponytails, as well as curly and straight ones.

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