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5 Chic Ways To Style Your Knotless Braids

By TariemiOreoritse

Braids have been a part of our beauty regimen for centuries and are a well-known protective hairstyle for black women.

Knotless braids are much gentler as they do not possess the ‘anchor braids’ used in traditional box braids. Instead, these braids start with your hair and extensions are gradually fed in to prevent breakage.

Just like with traditional box braids, you can style your knotless braids in different ways other than just leaving them down. These are five chic ways to style your knotless braids:

  • The Bun

Buns are the easiest and most popular way to style your knotless braids. Knotless braids free your scalp from tension, making it a lot easier to gather your hair into the iconic bun atop your head.

You can achieve this timeless, elegant look with only a hair tie in a few minutes. Gather your hair into a high ponytail, making sure not to leave any behind. Use the hair tie to hold the ponytail in place and secure it firmly.

Once done, wrap the ponytail around itself to form a bun, tucking the ends under for a clean finish. Finish up by styling your edges with an edges brush and some gel.

  • Half Up Half Down

Another popular knotless braid hairstyle, the half-up-half-down style, lets you show off your braids with the added flair of a high ponytail.

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You don’t have to worry about looking good because it’s flattering for all face shapes with this style.

Start by dividing your hair halfway horizontally and move on to secure the top half with a hair tie.

Wrap two braids from the ponytail around its base to hide the hair tie.

For an extra flair, pull out one braid on each side in front to frame your face.

  • The Side Braid or Crown

If you prefer to let your hair down, this style is right for you, giving you something other than the usual hair falling back. The only thing with this style is that you’ll have to know how to do a simple braid, but not to worry, that’s not too much work.

To achieve this look, separate a portion of hair at the front. The size of the braid, big or small, determines how much hair you leave out. Braid the hair into a cornrow and continue as a braid down your face. Secure the ends with a hair tie.

  • Pigtail Buns

Why have one bun when you can have two iconic buns?

Part your braids in half down the centre of your head and pack them into two separate ponytails. For more pizzazz, let down a braid on each side.

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  • Beaded braids

Spice up your knotless braids look with some beads. Accessories remain a great way to style any braid look. And not only do these braids look good at first glance, the jiggle of each bead is definitely appealing.

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