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Scientists develop human antibody to neutralise toxic snake venom

A group of Indian and international scientists have successfully developed a human antibody that can save the lives of people from venomous snake bites, especially from snake of the Elapidae family which are, king cobra, cobra, black mamba and krait.

According to the study published in Science Translational Medicine, the antibody was able to provide protection against envenoming in mice and functioned by mimicking the binding between the toxins and their receptors.

The study used the approach that researchers typically use in order to screen antibodies against COVID-19 and HIV.

That is how they look for the human antibody. This approach can also bring them closer to developing a solution against many varieties of snakes that can be used globally.

the antibody provided protection against envenoming in mice and functioned by mimicking the binding between the toxins and their receptors

In regions like India and sub-Saharan Africa, snake bites are very common and because of the lack of an antidote, it can also be fatal in very rural villages and regions where urgent medical care is difficult to access.

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Snake bites and deaths due to snake bites have been a major cause of concern across the world and still is. Thousands of people have been reported to die at the hands of venomous snakes.

In a recent development, an international team of researchers, along with scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), successfully developed a synthetic human antibody that is effective against the neurotoxin released by snakes.

It can neutralize the neurotoxin of Elapidae family of highly toxic snakes.

The banded krait

What is the Elapidae family of snakes?
They are known to be one of the most toxic and venomous snakes of the world, with short and fixed fangs in the front of their mouth.

Few examples of these snakes are the king cobra, krait, cobra and the black mamba. Most of these snakes are found in India and Africa.

Snake bites require anti-venom vials to be prepped and kept ready.

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