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Things you can say during sex and also at a funeral

The whole thing started as a joke by the Out of Context Human Race via its X handle @NoContextHumans.

The handle had tweeted, “This should be funny, let’s go. Things you can say both during sex and during a funeral.”

Ironically, other online platforms, including Buzzfeed, had done the same “poll” years earlier.

In any case, here are some of the hilarious responses:

Get Lost Travelin @GetLostTravelin: I’m sorry it happened so early.

angelraph.stark @raphael_uzoechi: Oh my God 🤦

AddisonNFT @AjmcmillNFT: Glad you came

Rivul @therivul: He didn’t last long 😳

Achtungrael @achtungrael: This is very hard

@pandorasinbox @Scientits: “Do you need a tissue?”

Pundamentalism @Pundamentalism: I’m terribly sorry that it was so sudden.

@bbellgam OMG!: I didn’t know it was going to be this BIG!

Odin @Ak_Odin: Please pass the tissue.

@litebluecanary: I thought he’d last longer.

J A D E S O L A @1blackafrican: Damn

beastives @beastives: That was “premature”

React City @ReactCityy: It all happened so fast. I can’t believe it’s over

iMagnuz @iiMagnuz: You could have lasted much longer

Héctor Caparrós//Amigo Informático @dompi20: That was short.

Idi @Idiat: “This has made me realize I must take better care of myself.”

Hater @Dont_Hate: “Please, no camera!”

Dan @Dangig: “I wish I had more time with you.”

Tani @Maidenhead: “It’s too painful.”

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