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Top 5 Trending Shoes for Women in 2022

Are you a shoe lover? Sure, we all are; you love shoes, but do you know some of the latest and trending shoes of 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we will be taking a look at some of the trending shoes for women in 2022. Why are these shoes important? They’re important because whether you’re going to work, attending a friend’s wedding or hitting the club after screaming TGIF, these shoes bring that unique touch to your outfit. Let’s take a look at five of the best of them:

1. Ornate Heels

Do you have ornate heels in your collection? Well, if you don’t, you need to get them at once because these heels do all the talking while you do the walking. Ornate heels are statement shoes, and while most of them are expensive, you can get simple ornate shoes with simple decorative designs to make that statement. Simple heels are great, but ornate heels have designs that speak on another level.

2. Combat Boots

Normally, most women on this side of the world do not really fancy boots, but 2022 comes with another vibe, and nobody can deny the evolution of boots, especially combat boots. These combat boots look exquisite with those sweet jeans you put on, giving you that classy look you love. They are also sturdy and long-lasting, meaning that with proper maintenance, you can rock these boots for a long time. Look classy and different with combat boots today.

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3. Chunky white sneakers

Are you a sneakers lover? Then go for the chunky white ones because this is a game-changer in the world of sneakers. These sneakers can be rocked with jeans, skirts, and shorts, and they are extra comfortable too. You walk in chunky white sneakers, and almost everyone that goes past you notices your feet and the confidence in your walk.

4. Platform Sandals with Ankle Straps

If you love sandals, then take it a step higher with platform sandals. These sandals are far different from the usual ones because it showcases old tradition women have with an ultra-modern finish that looks classy with socks or without them. You can rock these sandals to work for the Friday vibes and on other casual outings.

5. Kitten Heel Mules

The kitchen heel mule shoe is one way to unleash the special side of your fashion sense. It comes with an accentuated toe design, low heels and cute designs to finish. If you are looking for simple and yet wild, this footwear is the answer to your fashion prayers.


Having a good fashion sense means that you are willing to go the extra mile to remain decent but also different. These are some of the top trending shoes of 2022, and you can choose to take the old stereotype of looking like everyone, or you can choose to look different. These shoes are classy, and no matter what part of Nigeria you find yourself in, ladies, these shoes can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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