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Top 5 ways to cut addiction to frizzy drinks

Soft drinks, otherwise known as soda, frizzy drinks or minerals, are very popular globally, particularly because of its easy accessibility and affordability. However, it does nothing for your body in terms of nutritional benefits; I mean absolutely nothing.

As a matter of fact, it contains no nutrients and causes multiple health complications like liver disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and obesity. Many of us ladies know how bad these soda drinks are, while some just think it’s fun to have a couple of them each day. Whether you have just realized how bad your soda habits are or you have tried everything you can and still cannot quit, here are the top five ways to stop your soda habit for good.


Soda drink in moderation

Stopping soda is easier said than done. It’s not about starting no-soda challenges, repeatedly telling yourself it is over, or drinking green tea whenever your sweet tooth calls – it’s more than that. The first step is moderation. Whenever your sweet tooth calls, you have been used to answering. This is why rather than trying to stop all at once, you can start by moderating. If you used to take it every day, you could reduce it to three bottles a week. Then you move over to two bottles till your body does not need it anymore.

Mix it Water

Mixed drinks

Another way to slowly push away your love for soda is to mix it with water. Rather than drinking the full bottle of water, mixing it with water

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means having half of what you were usually used to getting before. This also reduces the sugar concentration, which means your taste buds are getting far less sugar than they are used to. Tasting less sugar means that your taste buds are less inclined to want more sugar.

Beware of your triggers

We all have triggers. We all have something that pushes us over the edge; looking for soda and finding it takes you one step to overcoming your love and addiction to soda. For me, a major trigger was stress. Those icy soda bubbles always calmed my nerves and knowing this helped me fight the urge whenever my cravings started. What are your triggers?

Replace your cravings with unsweetened tea

Black tea

Many of us might find this option relatively unpleasant, seeing how readily available soda is. You get to see a chilled bottle of soda everywhere across Nigeria, with our hustlers shouting “Mineral” everywhere you go. However, replacing one craving with something less damaging to your body is one way to ensure you quit for good. So, whenever you crave a bottle of soda, take a pack of unsweetened tea. It is healthy, fills you up, and contains fewer calories.

Try freshly squeezed juice

Fresh fruit juice

I tell people if they want to stop craving soda, go for freshly squeezed juice. It is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy natural glucose without stuffing yourself with unhealthy soda. You can get a juicer, squeeze out your healthy juices and enjoy them on the road or wherever you usually crave soda.

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Bottom Line
According to a 2022 Vanguard report, Nigeria ranks 4th globally in the consumption of soda and soft drinks. This is the reason for the rise in diseases like diabetes and other health complications women and even men face in Nigeria today. So, make a decision today to stay healthy and clean. Use the tips here to stop your soda addiction and take back your health. It is your body and your responsibility to use it properly.

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