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VIDEO: I earned my certificate, I won’t return it -Self-confessed sex-for-marks graduate

Actress Chinwe Splendor has vowed to hold on to her degree certificate because, as she said, “I worked hard for it. I earned my certificate.”

The university the actress attended had asked her to return the degree certificate issued to her after she claimed in a podcast that, as a student, “I had to do what I had to do. I slept with so many lecturers and came out with good grades.”

In a twist of events after the infamous confession, Splendor, now in tears, said, “The university I attended sent me an email to return my certificate within 48 hours.

“I want to ask, ‘Is this right’? That certificate, I worked hard for it. So, why should I return it?

“They sent me an email to return the certificate I worked so hard for. If that is the case, I know many of my course mates that should return their certificates as well. I am going through a lot.”

In an earlier interview on a YouTube channel called Yan Konnect Factory’ the actress had stated that as a result of trying to make ends meet, she had to go to the ‘street’ to fend for herself, which resulted in her missing classes. She added that she later devised a way to ensure good grades by sleeping with her lecturers. She added that even though she did not attend lectures in a particular year, she was still able to get good grades in all her courses.

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Meanwhile, some of the people who commented on her post seemed to agree with the institution’s call for her to return the certificate.

One Ihenenancy wrote, “You talk too much for a lady. It is obvious you didn’t go to school, so return it (certificate) with immediate effect. Common sense is far from you.”

Chipsys_oven commented, “Yes, please return it, and the school should investigate lecturers who sleep with students in exchange for good grades.”

See the video:

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