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What you must know about edibles

There’s a category of foods called the edibles.

Simply put, edibles are food products or drinks that contain Cannabinoids, that is they contain compounds found in the cannabis plant [Indian hemp].

Some of the many examples of these include chocolates, bakes, gums, oils, beverages, etc., and are not to be confused for the illegal-ly made edibles being sold to minors and in unauthorized venues such as school areas or social parties.

The fact that edibles reduce the risks associated with smoking and vaping makes it widely regarded as a safer means of ingesting cannabis. However, care needs to be taken, especially by newbies, as the after-effects might take longer to kick in, and when they do, they tend to be stronger. This is why the help of a healthcare professional is needed.

Health benefits of CBD edibles

Cannabidiol edibles
Cannabidiol edibles

Cannabidiol [or CBD for short] has been proven to have many inherent benefits. According to an article by Havard professor, CBD has been helpful in the treatment and management of many health challenges, most especially – Epilepsy in children.

Some of the most extreme cases of childhood epilepsy like Dravet syndrome and LSG – Lennox Gastaut Syndrome – which are known for defying anti-seizure medications, are now being treated with Epidiolex, a Cannabis-derived medicine. While this drug has been proven to help reduce the instances of seizures and fits in some cases, it has helped to eradicate it in others.

Apart from this, CBD can also help with alleviating arthritic pains due to inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety, and even help with reversing the effects of Opioid addiction among many others.

Relieve pain
According to this research work by the National Centre for Biotechnological Information,
“relief from chronic pain is by far the most common condition cited by patients for the medical use of cannabis”. Eighty-seven percent of participants in their study were requesting medical marijuana to relieve their chronic pain. It was even discovered that a large chunk of the population was using cannabis instead of regular painkillers.

CBD has been proven to help relieve pain caused by Arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory components which is why it is fast becoming a household name among people who suffer from this medical condition.
Other instances of pain that can be relieved by consuming CBD edibles are cancer pains, neuropathic pains, and fibromyalgia.

Ease nausea

There are emerging research that state that CBD may be helpful in the treatment of nausea and vomiting, especially those related to chemotherapy.

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Research shows that CBD has anti-emetic qualities and can be helpful in the treatment of Nausea and vomiting. Results of various researches carried out on animals have shown that CBD suppresses gaping (nausea) in rats. Even though rats are not emetic species, it was discovered that they display a gaping response when exposed to nausea-inducing compounds.

CBD edibles can be recommended for the treatment of Nausea as it stimulates the serotonin receptors in the brain which brings about a ‘feel-good effect and help reduce nausea.


Oxidation promotes free radicals which cause harm to our body and anti-oxidants help protect our body from the harmful effects of these radicals. Even though our body does its bit by producing its antioxidants like Glutathione and CoQ10, they tend not to be enough to help protect our body which is why we need antioxidants from other sources to help augment them.

Whilst vitamins C and E have always been considered a super anti-oxidant the past, recent studies have shown that CBD has even more potent antioxidant components. Studies have proven that CBD helps fight oxidation by preventing the formation of superoxide radicals. It also helps to strike a balance between oxidants and antioxidants which helps to eliminate the possibilities of oxidative stress.

Investing in CBD edibles, especially gummies, is, therefore, a yummy way of benefitting from this.

Manage your appetite

Out of all the numerous health benefits and abilities attributed to CBD, perhaps the most confusing of them all is its ability to help manage appetite. This is because while there are claims by some quarters that CBD helps with weight loss, there are also counterclaims by other sections that it increases appetites, thereby causing weight gain.
During a three-month study carried out on children suffering from Dravet syndrome, it was found that while some of the children exhibited significant weight loss, others gained weight. This seriously casts aspersions of doubts on the increasing marketing claims that CBD products, especially oils, are the magic remedy for weight loss.

Are edibles good for anxiety?

One of the more established health benefit claims of CBD is its anxiolytic effects. Multiple types of research and studies have been made on the ability of CBD to ease anxiety and it has been proven to be true.

According to a 2015 article, CBD eases anxiety by interacting with brain receptors that help regulate fear and other emotions caused by anxiety. “It releases potent components like terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients into the body, which then binds to the endocannabinoid system that helps to bring back balance to the body”
The use of CBD in fighting anxiety is on the rise. Millions of dollars are being pumped into researching how CBD can be weaponized in this battle with more people beginning to explore edibles for anxiety as an alternative remedy.
Standing on the ground of all these numerous researches and the millions of testimonies by users all over the world, it is safe to say that CBD edibles can be counted on to help ease anxiety.

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How many CBD gummies should I eat?

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the CBD movement is the problem of Dosage. The fact that we all have different body systems and chemistry makes it difficult to come up with a ‘one size fits all’ dosage system. Other factors include potency, body mass, and the desired effect.

CBD dosage range from 5 – 30mg. The best hack is therefore to start small and then gradually increase your intake. This gives the body time to adjust properly and also helps you find out the right dosage that works for you.
Even though there are claims that 25mg – twice per day – takes the anxiety away, seeking a bit of professional advice is recommended.

Final thoughts

There are myriads of claims regarding CBD and its inherent miracle abilities. It is widely believed by enthusiasts that it can cure virtually anything – maybe even death. However, while some of these claims are proven, others are either still undergoing research or are scientifically baseless.

One of the more scientifically established and popular claims however is the fact that CBD helps to alleviate anxiety. It has also proven to be a far more expedient option because it comes without the baggage of side effects which is why anxiety and stress relief gummies are a hit now.

The fact that you also have the luxury of experiencing it in appealing, yummy gummy forms and other tasty edibles makes it a more relatable option.

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