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Best Kimono styles to rock

When it comes to female fashion trends, the Kimono is right there at the top.

As outer clothing, the Japanese typically wear a long robe with wide sleeves together with a broad sash.

This robe is known as the kimono. For us ladies, having a kimono in your wardrobe is a big fashion upgrade. You cannot afford to be “normal” today. You need to have this spark to stand out today.

Here are some of the best Kimono styles to try in 2023. You can also check out our article on Trendy Ankara outfit style inspirations for more fashion ideas.

High-class luxury Kimono

For that royal feeling, you can try out the high-class luxury Kimono. It’s classy, goes with your simple bags, jewelry and accessories making it easy to slay on a budget.

High-grade embroidered Kimono

This is one for the ages and an easy way to always steal the show wherever you go. It bolsters your confidence and makes you feel like one of a kind – which you are.

African Ankara Kimono

African Ankara Kimono

Who says your Kimono has to be complicated? This is simple, and brings a new level of elegance to your sense of fashion. Whether with jeans or a nice short gown, your elegance is one to be admired.

Cute Pattern Print Kimono

Pattern print Kimono

The fashion print Kimono is a simple and beautiful Kimono style idea you can add to your collection without breaking a sweat. It is colorful so a simple black bag and some minor accessories will do the trick.

Free Floral Kimono

floral print Kimono

Are you heading to the beach or a simple girl’s night out? This is one Kimono that fits the occasion. Without thinking a lot, you have an outfit idea that will stun not just the ladies but the men as well. If you have those special jeans and heels alongside a nice camisole, then this kimono is for you.

Center-pin kimono

Center-pin kimono

The center-pin kimono is a fitted kimono set to show how great your figure is. Get to rock this Kimono with your pair of jeans and nice shoes. You get to look sexier and sexier rocking this Kimono.

The very best kimono styles are so versatile that they can be worn to any event. From a night spent with the girls or just wearing something casual to wearing it on special occasions or on dates. Know that you can’t go wrong with any of the kimono styles on our list, regardless of which one you decide to wear.

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