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6 proverbs you should review before saying them!

Usually, African elders have a proverb or wise saying for virtually every context of discussion. Those who have grandparents or are privileged to have met them know what I’m talking about.

I know it is said that proverbs and wise saying help serve as a vehicle to convey their thoughts and drive home their points, but … er… sorry to say, these sayings sometimes sound outright ridiculous. And, I guess that is probably because the times are fast changing, or have changed and the context that some of these sayings were premised on have given way to a different way of thinking and way of living.

This was inspired by a viral post this week on Facebook and I bring you the funniest of the lot.

Okra tree doesn’t grow taller than the farmer

10-foot-tall okra plant
A 10-foot-tall okra plant

Very funny. This proverb is used to drive home the fact that he who owns something holds control over it. But, er, is there no other creative way that the creator of this proverb could have coined this saying to make it more accurate?

This is because, probably due to evolution or better agricultural practices, an okra tree could grow as tall as 10ft. So, what if the farmer is Aki or Pawpaw?

Our elders would probably have to give us an updated version of this proverb or retire it into the dustbin of history for good.

A child, even when standing, can’t see what an elder sees while sitting down

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A child flying a remote control drone

This is a very popular one and I’m like, really?
How about flying a drone to see what’s there?

A patient dog eats the fattest bone

The people who started this proverb must have never actually been to a kennel or witnessed the mad rush that ensues when dogs struggle to get a piece of whatever is available.

This same feral level of competition is what applies among humans, as having a piece of anything desirable at all, nowadays, means you have to be in on the rush, or you’ll be left empty-handed.
Patient dogs die of anorexia these days.

He who laughs last, laughs best

This proverb is up there with some of the most ridiculous stuff I’ve ever heard.

Sometimes, you wonder how these sayings are conceived and try to, at least, see things from the creator’s point of view; but, it doesn’t just quite work.
Because… I’m wondering why anyone would want to laugh after the joke might have ended and the room is silent.

One word: madness!

No cheating in photography…

Photoshopped image

You say what? Is Photoshop a joke to you?

From the background of your shot to your adornment, physique, and location, there’s practically nothing that can’t be doctored nowadays, thanks to technology.

As we earlier mentioned, most of these wise sayings are now rendered obsolete or irrelevant because of the changes in the way things are done now as opposed to what used to obtain.

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It’s either we get an upgrade on this or we retire this saying for good.

The downfall of a man is not the end of his life
This proverb is always used to encourage people who’ve been unfortunate, to assure them that it is not the end of the world and that better days are yet to come.

However, I’d have loved to see the creator of this absolutely hilarious line jump off a cliff or the Eiffel Tower.

No, I’m not a sadist or a demon. I just want to see something.

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