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9 hilarious mother-child moments that’ll blow your mind!

Kids, don’t we all love them? Very innocent, down-to-earth and amiable. However, there are some moment where kids would have you like ‘what da heck!’ with their honesty and could even almost get people around them in trouble with it.

This is the case with some of these mothers who were so kind as to come online to share some personal moments they had with their kids at home, which completely changed their lives and their view of kids forever.

These experiences were shared in response to a post made by popular online gossip channel, The Shade Room.

You think your kids are still too young and naive to spot those your odd moments and adult indulgences? Wait till we bring you some of these excerpts!

Dad is a rider

Okay, so you and your partner love to get kinky and get your freak-on absolutely anywhere in the house, at anytime of the day? Well…Okay.

But, my advice to y’all would be to get a room. And, errrmmm… even after getting a room – get a lock.
Don’t wait till your kids give you a jaw dropper in front of the whole world like they did poor Mrs. Tara                                                           

Now, the entire universe knows daddy loves to hump mom. What an absolutely Ooppsy moment.

Mom’s a party animal

So, you love to get down a lot? And every Friday evening, you drive the little ones down to Grandma and drop them over with the regular, “Momma’s gotta work, but momma would be back” line?

Oh, and maybe you chip in the good old banal, “Want me to get you something when I’m coming back?” bait that moms use in bribing kids whenever they are about to leave them behind like it’s the rapture. Lmaoo.

Bold of you to think they don’t know your business! Well, they’ll play along and would sure gladly eat those cookies and candies you bring them when you come back from your numerous escapades.

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But, just keep hoping and praying they don’t tell your business to the class teacher and the entire Elementary division, as Mrs. Noble found out in a not-so-noble way.

Awwwwnnn…how cute: Little bundle of joy even went as far as helping her mom make a new friend. Bless her soul.

Say what?

And when you’re telling them something, clarity is needed: you better be as clear as possible. You don’t want your child getting you into trouble with “My momma said…”

When you throw them a word and they don’t seem to understand, make sure they do. Otherwise, they’re just gonna replace that word with the next closest word in their head and that could turn “prosecutor’ to “Prostituter’, like in the case of Mrs. Hawkins       

Oopsie poopsie

Aunts and older females in the house do a much underrated job filling-in for moms, so they are never really left out, as they, sometimes, catch some stray bullets too.

And, most especially when they have a lock on their door but choose not to use it. Now, poor Aunt Ladychin has found out the hard way.

Well, as far as kiddies are concerned: if it has to do with your bumbum, then it has to be poop, especially when it comes right out of it too.
Good luck explaining to them that it wasn’t what they thought it was.

Mrs. Mae had a similar experience too.

I know better, mom. Yea, we all love kids for their amiable personality and all, but don’t let’s act like they don’t annoy the hell out of us sometimes with their ‘I know it all’ behavior.

You tell them something and you could almost swear by the gods that they heard you right and understood you perfectly. Meanwhile, they have other ideas in their tiny head. And what’s even more annoying is the fact that when they’re wrong, they are always loud with it.

Now, the entire kids in the neighborhood know there’s no difference between them and poor Mrs. Maree, since they all let it run freely. I bet they think she uses a potty, too.
And I don’t even know which is worse between that and this.

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These little Einsteins really think they know everything and have it all figured out. I bet the entire church had to hold a special prayer session for Mrs. Jai’s mom to cast out that spirit of alcoholism out of her.

No smoking

You love to roll one at home? Well, you better be careful with how and where you carry out your business because these little Eagles can see everything and smell everything.

Yeah! They can tell the difference between a regular smoke and a puff. And, of course, they see you when you sneak out to get high too.

And even when they try to lie to us, we know those little kids would almost always be sincere.

We see you Mrs. Belladonna with that little final defensive line, but sorry, madam, we’ll prefer to go with that little boy’s side of the story. He said what he saw, ma’am.


Adults do underrate kids’ intelligence and think they don’t know much. But, the reality is that what these little guys have upstairs sometimes would amaze even a hoary head.

And, better be careful with what you do and say around them, otherwise, it could be you ooppsing in public next.

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