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Healthy Breakfast Recipes that Can Help you Lose Belly Fat

By Femi Paseda

Belly fat can be so annoying. You slowly begin to notice your belly getting bigger than usual, and before you know it, the belly fat becomes a lot bigger than anything you can hide, and you begin to consider some fashion changes.

Talking about combating belly fat, we previously discussed exercises that can help women lose belly fat. Today, we’ll be looking at healthy breakfast recipes that help you lose belly fat.

Breakfast is the healthiest food of the day because it provides you with all the nutrients you need. Women always complain that some of the breakfast recipes available online are unavailable in Nigeria, difficult to get or not sustainable in terms of cost. However, Iya magazine is dedicated to ensuring that you get easy-to-access breakfast recipes for easy belly fat loss.

1. Oats

Oat is the first breakfast food on our list for losing belly fat because it is a good member of a balanced diet. It contains healthy doses of protein and fibre, which helps to keep you satisfied, preventing you from excessively snacking when it’s lunchtime. It’s also easy and quick to prepare, so you do not have excuses like not having enough time to prepare breakfast due to the crazy traffic in most parts of the country.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy dose of fruits ad vegetables in the morning is a healthy breakfast for fighting belly fat. Your body gets a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and fibre. You can have a mix of healthy fruits like bananas, pineapple, apples, berries, and vegetables like cabbage. The mix of these fruits keeps you full, energized and ready for the day’s work.

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3. Low-fat Plain Yoghurt

I’m sure most women who love yoghurts are probably smiling at the moment, and I’m sorry to break it to you but not every yoghurt can serve as a healthy breakfast. So, whenever you purchase yoghurt, ensure it is clearly stated as low-fat ad plain. Whenever you have yoghurt for breakfast, be sure to move as much as you can to keep the body active. How does low-fat yoghurt help you reduce stomach fat? It contains linoleic acid, which helps keep the body slim. It also helps keep your digestive system healthy with longer periods of satisfaction.

4. Water

We know water is not food, but water is an essential element of a healthy breakfast, and it should not be ignored. If you start your day hydrated, you are most certainly going to remain hydrated for the remainder of the day as you keep on taking enough water. This is essential because it keeps you from getting bloated, which is a major factor when it comes to belly fat.

5. Eggs

Another food women are advised to take for breakfast are eggs. Consuming eggs alongside your avocado pear is one way to get healthy fat and protein into your diet. Having carbs like rice, spaghetti, soft drinks, and corn can really spike intake right n the morning, and this causes bloating. When you’re bloated, the possibility of belly fat is high, and this is something we women need to avoid. With eggs, you have enough protein and a reduced hunger for more food, and this helps you maintain healthy body weight.

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Bottom Line

Before you consider completely changing your wardrobe, understand that losing belly weight is completely possible. You can work out as we highlighted in our last article on workouts for losing belly fat, and you can also ensure that you have a healthy breakfast and you will get the results you’re looking for – maybe in a couple of weeks, you can wear that tight Ankara you had completely given up on.

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