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Chic Outfits to Wear to Work During the Rainy Season

By TariemiOreoritse

We’re only a few months away from the peak of the rainy season, and we can agree that cold and 9-5 life isn’t always the best mix.

While you might prefer to stay cuddled up in bed, binge-watching your favourite TV shows when it rains sometimes, you have to deal with taking phone calls and working.

So, if you have to work on a rainy day, you can at least tick wet pants and soggy hair out of your list of things to be upset about.

Here are a few fashion ideas that will keep you warm and fashionable on rainy days.

Ankle-length pants and short sleeves

What better season for those undersized pants that don’t really touch your ankles? Even if you drive to work, you may meet a puddle at your company door. Getting your clothes wet could give you a cold, and soggy clothes are just an overall nuisance.

Style your ankle-length pants with a pair of solid, high boots and a plain top. You’re definitely going to step out looking ready to get some work done.

Get into the role by rolling up your sleeves, preventing them from getting wet while looking your best. This look is best for light rainy days, especially if the forecast says to expect the rest of the day to be bright and sunny.

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Coats and scarves

If the weather is unpredictable, why can’t your attire be? Employing coats and scarves to keep your outfit stylish and practical may save you from a miserable workday. Throw a trenchcoat with a hood over your regular work clothes. If it rains, you’ll be duly protected, and if it doesn’t, you’ll still look good at work. Trenchcoatsare much more practical than average coats because they are lightweight and water-resistant.

If trenchcoats seem like a reach, the perfect pant suit would no doubt save the day.

Tying a scarf around your neck or using one as a belt may also save your 4c curls from drooping. If it rains, you can easily take your scarf off the front of your coat and tie it around your hair and face.

Turtlenecks and boots

You can easily combine these highly functional outfits with your favourite coloured pants and coat or blouse. Wear a turtleneck inside a bright, loose-fitting top, match it with pants and a pair of heeled boots for a cute look. This fit is convenient because the heeled boots protect you from splashing mud on your pants, while the bright top brings the outfit to life.

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Wear a contrasting turtleneck inside a dress and top it up with chic knee-length boots for a feminine touch.

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