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Davido asked me to do abortion -Baby mama-to-be Anita Brown

The social media is agog with reactions as a US-based businesswoman, Anita Brown, accuses famous Nigerian Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido, of impregnating her.

In a series of Instagram posts, Brown accused Davido of impregnating her; alleging that the afrobeat singer asked her to abort the pregnancy.

The 29-year-old businesswoman also shared receipts and screenshots of her messy chats with Davido, who she allegedly got pregnant for.

Davido began to trend online after this news broke out in the wee hours of Monday.  Brown in a video shared on Instagram on Tuesday night claimed that she never knew he was married.

It would be recalled that Davido and Chioma secretly got married days after their son, Ifeanyi, died last year.

“What really kills me is this married man narrative that you all are dragging.

“I did not know he was married. I am confused, like people knew about his baby (RIP to him) but nobody knew he was married.

“Here in America, nobody knew. I am not looking to get married right now. I wasn’t searching for and I wasn’t digging up for anything like that,”  Anita says.

She further revealed in a series of video that she met Davido in 2017 in Dubai and that they dated on and off until the COVID-19 pandemic when she was in a longer relationship with him.

Despite claiming ignorance of Davido’s marital status, the online community dragged the US lady for sleeping with a married man, accusing her of lying and chasing clout; while some social media users on Twitter sympathised with the singer.

Sunny Jossy Awoyelu (@Awoyelu) on Twitter said, “Davido don enter one chance, he will pay child support through his nose. Gbese!”

Also, Aji Bussu Onye Mpi (@AfamDeluxo) tweeted, “That girl took advantage of Davido. She knew the man was grieving and needed a shoulder to lean on, but she rather offered kpekus. A grieving man doesn’t have the mental strength to say no.”

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Some tweeps have also shared lyrics of Davido’s ‘Assurance’, which was dedicated to Chioma who was not yet his wife at the time of release.

In the song, Davido mentioned the name “Anita’ saying, ‘Call Anita oh, tell am make she come dey go far away.”

However, popular Twitter critic, Daniel Regha, says  Davido’s infidelity isn’t news, noting that he lacks self-control, “which is shameful.”

He also maintained that ladies who sleep with him or get pregnant for him aren’t victims because they are grown adults and should take responsibility for their actions.

“Chioma also knows what she signed up for; she is/was baby mama number 3,” Regha posted.

Anita Brown in a video making the rounds has however sent a message to Davido’s wife, Chioma, assuring her that she didn’t want her husband and did not even know she was pregnant.

She described herself as a God-fearing person and had no intention of spoiling anyone’s relationship.

While she claimed that she did not also know that Chioma was pregnant, she clarified that she doesn’t want her husband but wish her well.

Her message sparked reactions on social media as many chided her for mentioning Chioma’s name.

Davido’s fourth baby mama, Larissa London, has also reacted to this latest cheating allegation.

She expressed her disgust on social media in a simple message as she told fans to use her as a ‘God forbid button.’

“Use me as a ‘God forbid button,” she posted.

Meanwhile Chioma and Davido are yet to make any comment or post on the trending allegation.

Despite keeping low profile on social media, Chioma is known for trending for controversial reasons, which mostly borders on Davido’s infidelity.

Nigerians on social media are reacting to the pregnancy scandal.

While some blamed the American lady for having an affair with a married man; accusing her of attempting to tarnish and ruin his family, some berated Davido for getting involved with another woman when he and his wife, Chioma, were still mourning their son Ifeanyi who died last October.

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Rosythrone posted, “Chioma was mourning but Davido was moaning. It’s hard to defend Davido, or is it because he’s bald a little?

Levinahairclub posted, “Which kind girl be this? Davido, hope this help you to re-access your priorities, 30 years is not 13years. Respect Chioma and respect your country, too, because this is an embarrassment.”

_Officializzy posted, “Defending Davido is like defending APC, though, we need more prove (sic) to this allegations baby girl. We Davido’s fans are not satisfied with this. Chai, I feel like crying for Chioma now, she is pregnant and she doesn’t need all these (sic).”

Some netizens have advised Chioma to leave the singer and walk out of the marriage; while others have encouraged her to remain strong amidst the scandal.

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