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Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Hand Bag

Investing so much in getting quality bags and purses is something every woman does.  I mean, the accessories we use sort of puss together whatever we put on but if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to know how to take care of it.

It does not matter what type of bag you buy, (Ankara bags, purses, tote bags, duffle bags or hobo bags) it’s only as good as you use it. Having a bag with wrinkles, a lot of stains, and one that is unable to sit perfectly does not really give you that vibe you are really looking for which is why you need to know how to take care of those bags. Here are some of the best expert tips to take care of your bags.

Avoid hanging them

A lot of us today have problems with space so we decide to get creative by hanging them on door knobs and other strange places. Some of us without space problems have hangers where we hang our bags. We think this is nice but all it does is damage our bags. It causes your bag to take that new shape and this is not great for the outlook of that bag.

Keep your bags away from light

Do you have a table close to your window where you place your bags to receive fresh air? Of course, fresh air is great because it prevents the growth of mold but on the negative side, the excessive light can strain the color of your bag leading to discoloration. Even if you have a black purse, excessive light (artificial and natural) can have a great effect on the colour.

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Avoid overloading your bag

If you place any items in your bag and have to force it shut, then you are overloading it and this should never happen. Therefore, you need to ensure that whenever you have items you want to load into your handbag, ensure that it is not overloaded. Ensure that it has the capacity to carry everything you want to put into it to prevent it from damaging the bag.

Use bag puffs

Another way to maintain and keep your bag looking great is the use of bag puffs. Bag puffs are designed in such a way that it easily fills the spaces in your bag ensuring that it does not lose its natural shape. This helps to ensure that your bag looks great all the time. You get to that special occasion, place your bag on the table and boom; it sits perfectly without any stress related to placement.

Clean your bag always

If you have been in the habit of dropping your bag whenever you get home without any cleaning, you need to change this habit. No matter how tired you are coming back from work or dancing during that special occasion, take your time to empty your bag and clean the interior as well as the outer part of the bag before placing it on a flat surface.

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Bottom Line

Have you been struggling with maintaining your special bags? These are the best expert tips you can use to keep those pricey bags shinning. The average price of a quality bag today is nothing less than N10,000, or even more. This is supposed to last until you decide that you do not want to use the bag anymore; so use these tips, maintain your bag and keep shining.

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