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Foreign PhD students can bring family to UK -News

Foreign students wishing to undergo their PhD in Britain are still welcome to bring their family along under the Skilled Worker Visa arrangement.

This is because a PhD may typically last for between three and five years.

Before this new proposal still under consideration, foreign students who wished to undergo Master’s programmes were allowed to come with their family members.

The UK Government has, however, expressed concerns that the situation had led to increase in immigration figure, which was put at one million as of last Thursday.

The entire idea is to cut down on immigration, the UK SUN has reported.

The SUN had reported that foreign students will be banned from bringing family over to Britain in an immigration crackdown to be announced this week, as a string of alarmed Tory MPs had called on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to “get a grip on the rocketing numbers.”

Scrambling to get ahead of the bad news, ministers are expected to announce the immigration clampdown on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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The crackdown will see all masters students and many other postgraduate students banned from bringing family over.

“The ban will not apply to PhD students, whose courses usually last between three and five years and are very highly skilled,” SUN reported.

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