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How to Care for your Acrylic Nails at Home

By TariemiOreoritse

When we think of self-care, one part we can’t leave out is getting your nails done.

Whether you like a simple set of gel nails or an acrylic nail set, we can agree that a visit to your nail tech at least once a month is an integral part of selfcare.

And since not everyone might have time to schedule a visit to the salon every other week, at-home care ensures the longetivity of your sets.

These tips would help you care for your acrylic nails, keeping them fresh until your next appointment.

Before we get into these tips, let’s briefly consider the costs of getting acrylics done and how to choose the right nail tech.

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How much do acrylic nails cost in Nigeria?

Depending on the location and nail tech, acrylic nails are priced differently.

For instance in Lagos, nail techs on the mainland may charge fees upward of 7000 Naira $17. While on the island, prices often start off at 10,000 Naira $23.

Experienced nail techs, especially those who have built a following may also charge higher fees for their sets. The length of the nails and desired designs also impacts the prices for these nails.

For instance, the cost of a short acrylic nail set differs from the cost of an xl set. Extra prices are also charged for designs like marble, stickers, gems to mention a few.

How to find the right nail tech?

Many times, people find nail techs through word-of-mouth referrals. For instance, seeing a great set on your friend or a random stranger would have you asking for the tech’s details in no time.

You can also tell a good nail tech from checking their socials, many nail techs upload their works on social media accounts and you can even find inspiration from these pots.

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How to care for your acrylic nails

  • Protect the nails

The first rule every acrylic nail lover learns is to protect the nails.

This means your nails shouldn’t be opening cans or lifting anything heavy.

Anything that’ll break your nails is a definite NO NO! And if you’ve ever felt the pain of a broken acrylic nail, you’ll understand.

So if you pry cans open with your knuckles and use them to scoop up lotion or need to do some heavy lighting or dirty work, consider gloves. They’ll protect the nails and keep them fresh for longer.

  • Stay away from acetone

As much as you might be tempted to change the colour of your nails at home, acetone shouldn’t be in any of your choices. This is because certain chemicals and acrylic nails do not mix well, one of them being acetone.

Before picking out a nail polish remover, check to see that it is an acetone-free polish remover. Products with acetone will ruin the acrylic powder causing pits and leaving them soft, which eventually means they break easily.

  • Choose the right topcoat

Generally recommended for acrylic nails, gel polish extends the longevity of your manicure, allowing it to stay on for longer. If you would rather have regular nail polish, ask your nail tech to use a top coat as a finish.

Also, buy a topcoat for at-home use and apply every 2-3 days to prevent chips and cracks in your polish.

  • Vitamin E for dryness

Dry cuticles and hands are also very common with acrylic nails. To treat this, opt for moisturisers rich in Vitamin E to be applied once a day after bathing. If you come in contact with water as the day proceeds, be sure to reapply some lotion.

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Choose a cuticle cream with Vitamin E to protect your cuticles from dryness. The only exception to applying these creams is if your acrylic nails have separated from your natural nails.

  • Good hygiene

Your acrylic nails need to be taken care of just like any other body part. Clean the back of your nails by scrubbing with some soap and a clean toothbrush. Remember to always wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

And to ensure it stays clean, run an alcohol swab under your nail to remove any debris you might have missed.

Acrylic nails are a great way to keep your nails protected while ensuring that they look good. You can save some money on changing your nails every other week with the right care routine for your acrylic nails.

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