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How to sneak more fitness into your day!

Hey, Naija gems! Welcome to this week’s fitness edition on Iya Magazone.

Just like you, we’d love to be as vibrant as the Lagos nightlife every day. But who has the time for fitness when we’re hustling hard? You wake up early, come back late from work and all you can remember is sleep.

Just like adding a dash of pepper to your Egusi soup, we have just the thing that can take your fitness game to an entirely new level. Here are seven spice-ups to your day that can sneak fitness into your routine.

Dance the stress away

Who said exercise can’t be fun? Ever tried doing the Zanku or Shaku Shaku while waiting for your jollof rice to cook?

Not only does dancing keep your body active, but it’s also a great mood-booster! Mayo Clinic supports this – the next thing you know, you’re not just a fabulous cook, but also a dance sensation!

Make your TV time count

Woman doing exercise while watching TV

Next time your favorite Nollywood drama comes on, challenge yourself to do some squats or lunges during the commercial breaks. Believe it or not, those minutes add up, and Healthline agrees.

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Take the stairs
Skip the elevator and get your heart pumping. Think of it as a free stair master – you’re not just saving electricity, but also burning calories. Your body will thank you for this later.

Walk and talk
Have a chatty auntie on the line? Walk around while you talk. You’ll catch up on all the latest ‘gist’ and get your steps in at the same time.

Park and walk
Next time you go to the market, park your car a little farther than usual. Those extra steps to and from the car can make a big difference over time. It might seem like something inanimate but they tend to pile up and do the body a lot of good overtime.

Yes, it’s a thing! Try some simple stretches or seated leg raises while at your computer. Your body (and your productivity) will thank you.

Wake up and shake up
Start your day with a quick five-minute workout. It could be simple stretches or jumping jacks – this small start can set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

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Take home
Remember, Naija gems, a little bit of activity can go a long way. So, add these sprinkles of exercise to your day. After all, a healthier you is an unstoppable you.

Let’s show the world that the true strength of a Naija woman is her health!

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