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Poor fitness red flags women should be wary of

Fitness is a prerequisite for healthy living. When we’re a lot younger, we really do not pay attention to our fitness levels because it’s easier to do a lot of things and not feel the impact. However, as we get older, we need to take fitness seriously because, without a conscious effort to remain fit, we begin to struggle with the things we usually do with ease. Do you think you are fit? Here are some of the fitness red flags every woman should look out for:

You find it hard to do squats


Doing squats is a big definition of how well your thighs are toned. A lot of us women are prone to gaining weight on our thighs due to factors like age, pregnancy, poor diets and a couple of other factors. If you find it difficult to squat or even to pick something up from the floor, you need to take on exercises like squats and lunges that improve your fitness levels and overall coordination. You can take it slow and pick up the pace with time.

You feel exhausted after climbing the stairs

climbing staircase

Yes, it’s going to take a lot of effort climbing up your stairs, especially in situations where the elevator in your office is bad, you live on the fifth floor of your building, or you visit a friend who lives way up in his/her building. However, walking should not by any means cause you to start panting or feeling a lot of pain in your thighs. If you feel this way, this is a fitness red flag and a cause for action. This means you need to walk more often and run up and down your stairs a couple of times just to gain a lot more fitness.

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You cannot run a mile

Running a mile is the major benchmark for fitness for any woman. So, if running a mile feels like moving from Lagos to Abuja, you need to take your fitness a lot more seriously. Try running a couple of minutes daily, and you can as well try using the treadmill if you have one just to move your legs a lot more.

You easily get injured

Another major pointer to poor fitness is getting injured too easily and more often. It is a sign that you have constantly neglected your fitness for far longer than you should have. Whether you’re hurting your back from driving for long hours or having extended hours of pain after sitting in a certain position, you need to find a way to stretch your body more often because it is a big red flag.

You cannot do push-ups

If you cannot do push-ups, it means that you cannot carry your body as you should, and this is a big red flag. It means that you have no upper body strength, which is a sign that your immune system is getting compromised. So, try working on your upper body a lot more with the shortest of push-up times, which allows you to build your strength.

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Bottom Line
As a woman who is ready to live healthily, fitness is a prerequisite. If you notice any of these red flags, you need to start working on your body to prevent a breakdown of your overall health.

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