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How your sleep position affects your health!

While sleep experts are usually reluctant to prescribe what position to take when you want to sleep, truth is that the average person has a side they prefer to sleep on. Yes, we may thrash about while sleeping, but there’s usually that one side that we usually fall back on.

However, experts do warn that your sleep position can affect your health. For instance, if lying on your right side is your fail-safe, you might want to rethink your positioning, as herbal nutrition expert Ali Ramadan explained on TikTok. According to him, there are a lot of benefits to sleeping on the left side of your body.

Reduce heartburn
According to online platform Heathline, sleeping on your left side is thought to have the most benefits to overall health. Ramadan explains: “When we sleep on the left side, the stomach and its gastric juices remain lower than the oesophagus,” which can help to reduce heartburn and digestive upsets.

“It also reduces pressure on the back and is the ideal way for pregnant women to sleep. Sleeping on this side if pregnant can help with blood flow between the heart, foetus, uterus, and kidneys, while taking pressure off the liver,” Ramadan adds.

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Why left side is better
Generally speaking, it’s better for us to sleep on our left side, especially for people who snore, have acid reflux, have high blood pressure or have digestive issues.

However, there are some benefits to sleeping on your right side, especially for those with heart conditions, who might find it more comfortable.

But if you want to reduce your risk of back pain and get a decent night’s rest, sleeping on your back could be the answer, according to one sleep expert.

Just 10% of people sleep in the optimal position, according to Kiera Pritchard. In comparison, three-quarters (74%) of us are side sleepers while 16% of people are stomach sleepers.

Back to sleep
“Sleeping on your back is the most recommended position because the vertebrae in your back can align naturally in a neutral position without any kinks or curves,” says Prichard, who’s working with Eachnight Mattresses.

“Sleeping on your back may be healthier for your spine, whereas sleeping on your right side is beneficial for your heart.

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“Stomach sleeping is the only position that is considered unhealthy as it is very stressful on your spine.”

Source: HuffPost

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