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Laughable names of bureau de change registered by CBN!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” says William Shakespeare, who used this line in his play Romeo and Juliet to convey that the naming of things is irrelevant.

But, while Shakespeare may not see a big deal in naming, psychologists believe that
a name is more than just a word. “It carries the weight of a person’s whole identity. A name can embody a person’s ethnicity and culture, or pay tribute to their ancestral roots. A self-given name may embody a person’s beliefs or chosen identity,” psychologists say.

In terms of religion, the Bible, for instance, shows that the significance of a name was particularly true in Bible times. In both Old and New Testaments, names reflected personal experience or expressed character.

According to the Guidelines of Bureaux De Change Operators, “Any organisation seeking a licence for the operation of a Bureau de Change business in Nigeria shall apply in writing to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in compliance with the CBN Act, the BOFIA and the Foreign Exchange [Monitoring and Miscellaneous Provisions] Act No. 17 of 1995.”

And that is why many Nigerians found it hard to believe that a regulatory body such as the Central Bank of Nigeria, which is the nation’s financial power house and apex bank, could do business with Bureau De Change whose names reek of lack of seriousness, to say the least; and outright dubiousness in the extreme.

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Currently, the number of BDCs operating in Nigeria is put at 5,690, according to data from the CBN. However, a review of the total number shows that many have some unusual names.

  • Chelsea BDC LTD
  • Couple BDC LTD
  • Cream BDC LTD
  • Cruising BDC LTD
  • Day-by-day BDC LTD
  • Deadlist BDC LTD
  • Decorum BDC LTDDeep Freezer BDC LTD
  • Divine Focus BDC LTD
  • Ephesians-three-twenty BDC LTD
  • Four to five BDC LTD
  • Fourteen February BDC LTD
  • Fullmoon BDC LTD
  • Go-well BDC LTD
  • Gucci BDC LTD
  • Happy Ends LTD
  • His Grace BDC LTD
  • Home Alone BDC LTD
  • Honeymoon BDC LTD
  • Hourglass BDC LTD
  • In-to-in BDC LTD
  • Looking and Seeing BDC LTD
  • Lovers BDC LTD
  • Pros and Cons BDC LTD
  • Rice and Beans BDC LTD
  • Select and Pay BDC LTD
  • Set up BDC LTD
  • SIX Six Six BDC LTD
  • Slow Down BDC LTD
  • You and Me BDC LTD
  • Young Free & Single BDC LTD
  • Zero to Ten BDC LTD
  • 10-20 Times BDC LTD

See Nigerians’ reactions:

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