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My first job in the UK -According to Nigerian immigrants

Nigerians living in the United Kingdom have lifted the curtain on their first job experience in the foreign country.

According to the migration data released by the UK Government for the year ending June 2023, over 141,000 Nigerians have migrated to the United Kingdom.

One digital marketer, Stifler, with X [formerly Twitter] handle @Stifler_Ldn kickstarted the conversation when he tweeted:

Your first job in the UK?

Mine: A friend linked me to event decoration job in Romford, Naija party. The amount of chairs I carried that day and plate, I still never recover till date. I slept off on the train , even missed my station. I block the company cos that work no be for human being. 😂

In response, his X followers tweeted back:

Adegbenro Adewale @kotosh007: Warehouse job. I reach house wan baff, I say make I wash my head, my hand no go up.

Mustapha Sa’eed @MustapherSaeed: My first job was a 10 hour night shift at a big Sainsbury’s. My friend that picked the shift with me fell sick halfway and clocked out. I finished it. That experience has made me. The shift I can’t cover in this country hardly exists. 🤣

Roman Roman @RomanlikesCrazy: First job in the uk was amazon warehouse, when driving past the warehouse now, i get PTSD, my heart starts beating faster!!

Dayo Samuel 💯 @iamDayoSamuel: My first job was as a telemarket researcher. I was to be doing research and surveys via phone calls. I hear all kinds of yabbin! But I endured. 2 months later I quit to resume at my current job.

?@mr_shi2: Bacon Factory at Coventry. If you ever work there, there are two Nigerian supervisors there, don’t trust the younger one.

Mide @olumide_olams: Car park marshal. Stood for 9 hours outside during winter, directing cars.

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🫶🏽@MelMogul: Tesco stock counter. I sat on the floor and asked myself ‘is this what you came to the uk to do?’ Never went back

Upgraded Sammy @upgradedsam: Courier with Urb-it. I was trekking for hours to go deliver parcels at a given time. I took bicycle one day to do it, the stole the monitor, so i continued doing it with legs. After one month to get my pay, I didn’t work again. Until then I haven’t worked. I’m still recovering

🦋🦋🦋Arya Stark is OBIdient 🦋🦋🦋💕 @cute_pecky: Pretty Little Thing. My fitbit watch counts between 70k/80k steps daily. I developed lower disc pain even NHS physio no get solution.
I quit after I woke up and couldn’t feel my left leg due to numbness and pain from my spine.

FATBOY @johnvianeey: Warehouse job, 12 hours shift . Omo i managd to end that shift , i couldnt walk from the warehouse to my friends car at the car park, two ppl gats help me out.

Salu @Saluology: I worked in a factory as a sorter. It was during the Yelutide season and there were lots of packages. I joined to sort all night…I was supposed to end my shift at 7am…I ran away at 5am. I wan die. That job no be for human beings.

It’s not all tales of gloom, though:

Ne Lo @scollyus: Tech mobile advisor for my uni covering the hostels with any IT issues. Helped me get my first proper IT job as a developer then. Loved it.

Labby @laby_t: A chef. How I got the gob? I walked in there to introduce myself & I asked about any vacancy available, the manager immediately told me about their need for a chef. He asked me to come the next day for a trial shift, and if I like it they will train me. I looove cooking anyway!

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Toyin @beasdaughterr: Law firm Cleaner (Monday to Friday for 2 hours). It was a really easy job because staff were mandated to clean up after themselves. Just Hoover, empty bins and replace toiletries.

Jadesola @jadesola__roy: My first job was a cashier role , It wasn’t bad though

Tayo ijogbon🥰 @Bukola_tee: Ice cream factory I chop ice cream tire😂

Ben not Benji 🙏🏾@SonOfAyo: My first job was a till operator at derby pride stadium. It was so overwhelming cos you have to be fast and some of their accent was omo. I adapted fast tho

Dr Demilade Saseun @Demminx: Contractor IT consultant for an FTSE 5 company at Canary Wharf. Used to wake up early to drive from North London to Isle of Dogs car park. Sweet memories 🤔

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