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Our 5-Step Guide To Properly Washing Your 4c Hair

By TariemiOreoritse

If there’s one thing your 4c hair needs, it’s an excellent wash to leave your coils popping.

4c hair requires moisture and hydration for effective maintenance. However, one primary concern many naturalists have is the ‘dreaded’ washday and the numerous questions that come with it.

“How long should it take? What products do I need? How many products should I use?”

There’s no one right way to a great wash day, but there are underlying rules to help you properly wash your natural 4c hair.

Need some help figuring out what to do on wash days? Here’s a great five-step guide to properly washing your hair.

The 5-step Guide To Washing Your 4c Hair

Getting your afro popping and coils bouncing is easier when following this guide.

Hydrate and pre-poo:

Sometimes, you’d realise that detangling your hair takes up most of your wash day. And the reason you’re spending long hours detangling is most likely because you’re not prepped in advance.

Speed up your detangling time by sleeping with your hair packed properly under a bonnet the night before.

And before you start washing, make sure you pre-poo with a deep conditioner or coconut oil for about 15-30 minutes before you begin applying shampoo.

Work in sections:

Working your hair in sections would save you much more time than trying to do it all at once. Not only that, it minimises hair breakage allowing for a shorter, better wash day experience.

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Divide and conquer as the rule goes.

Section your hair into four equal parts held apart by two-strand twists. This way, each part gets the same amount of products, the same wash, and you can easily focus on your scalp.

Before applying shampoo, make sure to wet your hair first.

The best shampoo to use is a gentle sulfate-free shampoo. Not only do they remove excess oil and product buildup, but they also lather properly.

Start from your scalp and work your way downwards to the tip of your hair using your fingertips, scrubbing as you go.

As always, rinse out with lukewarm water before applying more shampoo.


There’s not a lot to this part. Following the same sections, apply ample conditioners with water to your hair, using your fingers to work it in before letting it sit for a while.

Deep conditioning:

Often skipped by many naturalists on wash days, deep conditioning is the key to an effective wash.

Especially if you’re dealing with hair issues like dryness, breakage and shedding.

To treat hair dryness, choose a protein-free, moisturising deep conditioner. A protein-based strengthening treatment is the right pick for other hair issues involving chemicals.

Keep an eye out for amino acids and keratin in your deep conditioner.


The last step to finishing your wash day. Trapping all the moisture in ensures that all your hard work yields results.

So for twists outs, use lighter stylers like mouse and wrap foams, while gels work best for twists outs.

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Why do you need to properly wash your hair?

Clean hair does more than just shine; it improves the overall health of your body. These are only a few reasons why you should properly wash your hair:

  • To prevent knots and tangles
  • To prevent excessive shrinkage
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Ensures a healthy scalp
  • Prevents product buildup

Spending long hours on wash days isn’t often practical and could have you dreading the twice a week care your hair typically needs. Understanding the basics, we have listed would greatly help improve your wash experience.

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